For the last summer vintage editorial we decided to make pinup style editorial, featuring this beautiful dress and such a cute clutch-square-box bag. In the same time we tried to re-create makeup which was significant especially for 50is when everything after Second world war bloomed and women were prettier then ever. These kind of vintage dresses are made for curves and more rounded shapes. After war time brought in trend of wealth and health through women curves, which were in this way seen to be ready and fit to give

Mules are  not shoes and not sandals…you can wear them bear foot or with socks…so they are perfect transition shoe for early fall! 2. Straps on everything-flats, heels, wide block heels…name it. They were in for few seasons now so dig in your closet and for sure you will find something without heading for shopping! 3. Velvet shoes Well those for sure are not in everybody’s closet but they are huge this fall. I especially like those in pastel colors 4. Cube-heels Continuing last seasons trends, you can keep calm

It is peach season and they are perfect for various desserts. This baked goodies are refined sugar free, paleo and gluten free ( if you use gluten free oats). Perfect summer treat-very easy and fast to make and on the other hand very refreshing option for any occasion.   Combination of warm peaches with cold ice cream and crunchy oats gives it uniqueness you do not get to eat every day. If you are really into sugar you can add some honey or caramel on top of the ice cream

What would hectic Friday tell to lazy Sunday? Sundays are days not to think about makeup or to wear clothes which will undoubtedly, sooner or later get us thinking what part of body we have too much or too less. Every woman should have in closet one such a dress where she can hide when all she wants is to blend into half empty city streets and dream away into her plans for the next week. It is amazing how women are obsessed with their body image and things they

I am beyond excited with playing with my hair lately. Colours are semi permanent and go out very fast and after I always get many questions about procedure and experience. So I have decided to do some photo serials for each colour I make and to share also fitting makeup tutorial with it. Colouring of hair I have described in my video How to dye your hair pastel violet-there are always similar semi permanent colours and also quite similar procedure. This time I rather did tutorial for studio photoshoots proof

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