If you are amazed by the beauty of Bosnian women, when walking around the country you probably could not help not to think, how would it be to be with one of them. Although they are mostly beautiful, smart and charming there are some random facts you should take into account in order to be more familiarised with things to come:

  1. Bosnian women give a lot on their appearance

The meaning of word casual differs in different parts of the world…what in Austria, Germany and norther represents dressing for special occasions in Bosnia (and rest of the Balkans) is normal daily fashion. Women, regardless of money, will find way to follow trends in makeup and fashion and to be up to date when it comes to their appearance.

There is a saying ” I do not go like that even to supermarket” referring to small neighbourhood grocery shops where showing up without makeup or being poorly dressed is no option too. With new generations word casual does get that western meaning but still much much less in more north-west cultures.

So, when you meet your Bosnian woman for coffee or date, do not forget to compliment their looks. And never, but really never hurry her up or complain while she is getting ready. This is crucial for her good mood. ๐Ÿ™‚



2. Bosnian women are very stubborn

Dont let looks and charm fool you. When it comes to sticking to their opinion, they will do everything but backing off. Especially if they get you want to put your will over them. They are always for compromise but in a way they see it.

When hanging out with Bosnian women is important to stress equality, freedom of will and devotion to make decisions with compromise. Absolute no go is to try to take decisive lead and to make decisions instead of her…even if in your point of view this is in her interest.



3. Bosnian women have special bond with females in their family

If you succeeded to overcome first two hurdles: to win her heart with complimenting her outside looks and acknowledging her competence, independence while handling her like equal partner she will be the most energy spreading and kind partner you will have. But be careful, your challenge is not over.

You have to always accept to share your throne with female part of her family because all of your life decisions will be in detail discussed with her mother, sister or other close family members. The bright side is that you will not have to listen all pros and cons for every decision, as the final version only will be checked with you. And the other females will do everything to help. But be prepared to listen loooong telephone calls for hours and hours…

And if you have daughter together she will be pulled in the circle too…because Bosnian mothers have very special relationships with their daughters.

If you accept these three things and keep repeating them through the time, you will have wonderful time with your Bosnian women.

Do you have some other findings, we should add here?