Dressing for the weddings and more official occasions is in fact much simpler than when it comes to photographing everyday combinations, which should still look interesting on the photos.  Here are 3 tips I always use when I photograph my everyday combinations:

  1. Stripes are very photogenic –   depending on your body type you can choose for horizontal or vertical stripes. Those horizontal ones will visually make you wider so be careful. If you are not sure, choose stripes accessories like bag or a scarf.
  2. Combine patterns! Besides stripes, add one more colorful pattern to add more memorable effect to any everyday combo – together they will seem very vivid.
  3. If you are not sure about combining clothes, with jeans jacket you can never go wrong. It is very photogenic and it fits to literally any outfit.

This time these beautiful photos were made by my good friend Almir Durgut. More about his work you can find out on his Facebook page  Advertise