One more winter spring combination (here, here and here  is some more of inspiration for this time of the year)…still warm enough if you do not count naked legs (you can always choose thicker leggings) but it calls for spring…

Furred leather jacket is one of those classics worth investing in and having for years to come in your closet. Combinations with leather jackets are anyway numerous, but the temperature has to be a bit higher-spring or fall. This is an amazing alternative which can come handy even now. The only thing is to be careful when choosing model of the jacket. Fur can often make jacket loose its shape if its too thick or make you look bigger then you are… This one from Forever 21 is perfect and I got it on sale for 20 EUR !!! hihi no better feeling.

You can also wear one of those very warm, cashmere like wests under your jacket, which would not show on the outside and in this way combining your normal leather jacket even when it is a bit colder. It should be thin but warm , that is all.


To wear overknee boots with some really sexy tight combination I have to be in a special mood. In everycase, I never wear this in day time – if I  do then the overknees are without heel. These are on the other hand with very high heel so I always combine them with pieces which are almost sporty, like this plaid shirt-dress. Still , if you have curves make sure that it has a small belt to show where your waist is. Otherwise your whole body can look baggy.

To make your body look longer great deal are long scarfs, which are in this combination also kind of help if you really are dressed a bit too less. This from Zara I have for years and use it all the time-right colour and model.


How you call for spring?



Plaid dress feb16-28

Plaid dress feb16-40

Plaid dress feb16-80


Plaid dress feb16-179

Plaid dress feb16-180-Edit