Kranjska Gora is one of those magic places where you feel special energy as soon as you come there. It is probably fresh mountain air, as it is placed under Julian Alps but neverthenless it wil leave you speechless as soon as you come there. Does not matter which time of the year you choose, you can not miss the point.

However, usually people connect it with winter season, as it is a sky center but one would miss a lot not coming also in spring-summer-fall time and enjoy its natural beauties.

I lived in Kranjska Gora for years and still go there when ever I can. Nothing can change the fact that Sarajevo is my home and favourite place on Earth, but Kranjska Gora is very close to it. It is the place which stays in your hart forever. It did stay in mine <3.

So, here is how I see at least:

5 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora in summer

1. Fresh air and cooler temperatures

Being on 800 m hight Kranjska Gora offers great schelture from high temperatures, even during the hottest summer months. It has a lot of trees and water, which will refresh you and in combination with fresh mountain air give you the right rest from hot summer weather! I remember when I was there for the first time I could not wake up for two days – even during a  hot summer the air is so fresh and climate so refreshing, that your body relaxes and all you want to do is sleep and rest. Especially nights are pleasant, as there are no summer heats there. Here resting is a must!

2. A lot of sports activities

After good sleeping in the night, if you are up for activities, there are numerous sports  you can engage your self into. The offer is quite wide – from hiking, swimming, bicycling or climbing, name it. Especially interesting is small mountain lake Jasna, which is as of this year, again activated as a cool swimming location. The water in it is very cold so it is not for everybody, but if you are an adventurose  type you can try it on. If you are more spoiled like me, you can then enjoy in nice walk around it or soaking your legs in nearby little river Pisnica.

3. Enjoying natural beauty

The whole area is stunning and Kranjska Gora is no exception. One of the most beautiful places, for me personally is the source of river Sava-Zelenci. It is very calm and breath taking place, where you can come for a walk, relax and enjoy. It is  home for many rear  animal and plants spices. One of the most photogenic locations in area – when ever and how ever you take pictures there they will be breathtaking – something like my featured picture above!

Beside this, there are many other nature wonders there and in the surrounding like Martuljek waterfalls, Pericnik waterfall, Ledine lake…

4. Welness experience 

There is a quite rich wellness offer, including most modern amenities suitable for a first class spoiling – there are many saunas, massage centres and swimming pools. You name it – if you love doing sports during the day this will be your favourite activity in the afternoon

5. Good geo position

Kranjska Gora is exactly on the border of three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Austra. If you are more like me, restless and curious you will need just 15-20 min to experience also the surrounding countries and their local offers. In case you are staying more than 2-3 days you will probably appreciate possibility to get out of calmness of the nature into the vividness of surrounding bigger cities and feel a bit of city pulse. If you are up for more nature wonders, all three countries are offering some splendid possibilities to enjoy in that.

Hope this helps you feel #sLOVEnia. If it does pls let me know in comments!

p.s. good 6th reason is eating a fresh cream pie under the mountains. Priceless!