With makeup coming more and more in “trend” it is becoming clear that at least equal attention should be given to skin care. We can use full coverage products but they will never cover a bad skin…it shows throught. Besides things we can not influence, like inside factors (hormones, stress and similar) we can make sure to, every day, devote 3 basic skin caring routines: cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating-nourishing skin.

About products I use in one of my night routines I was talking on my Balkan youtube channel, but if you would like to see something similar in English please leave me in the comments.

Until then, shortly about some products keeping my skin glowing for some time now.


Garnier micellar water




Garnier micellar water is totally ok for the price. Its big advantage is definetely the price. More I lilke the one by Biotherm but that one is also double the price. So, if you are not wearing heavy makeup all the time this one will do the work too.

Precleanse Dermalogica 

I used for some years the whole Dermalogica line and would recommend it in case you have problematic skin. During my studies I had very problematic skin due to high stress levels and this line helped me to limit the damage and to calm my  face a bit. Of course, I did not get rid of my pimples until the stress was a bit off.

Sunday Riley ceramic slip cleanser 


After using this cleanser you really have a feeling your face is clean and very smooth. It does make the skin more tight than usual, so if you have dry skin like I do you have to follow with some good moisturiser or a face oil.

 Peter Tomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme mask 


When talking about noticable results than this mask is really must have, as the the first improvements on the skin texture you can already see after using it once. With both, mechanic and chemic exfolitation it makes skin exteremly smooth and fresh. Though, you do have to be careful with it and not apply it to rough, as the little peeling pieces in it can irritate your skin quite hard.  In this case you can use it also as the mask before special occasions because it will make your skin better canvas for applying makeup.  However, because of AHA acids and exfoliating effect, I use it mostly in my night routines or with very strong SPF.

Natural Wealth E-vitaminsko olje 


Besides Garnier product, this oil is the cheapest in this group. For something around 15 EUR lasts quite long as one or two drops are enough to cover whole face and the neck. It is a mixture of different oils very rich in Vitamine E. It does not absorb into the skin so easily so you do have to massage the face a bit longer. Perfect for evening face massages while reflecting your day.

Would love to know what you are using in your skin care regimes? Which products did make you really feel the difference?

Kisses from Austria, Jenny