Talking with so many of my friends struggling with cravings for unhealthy and junk foods on the one side and wanting to achieve some level of fitness and to lose weight on the other, made me think to introduce this column Anti-diet on the blog regularly. This part is devoted to people like me – who want to live healthy most of their time – 80-90% but do allow themselves to have some food sin here and there. This is not a diet recipe this is a change of the lifestyle in a way that you can live with it.

To reach the point where you are totally committed to healthy way of life, including eating and exercising is a very hard job, especially for all of us not used to it from before. It is a process and you have to work on it. Last ten years I am trying to stay on track with this respect and still have my on and off periods…things do get better – it is always shorter the time I do not eat healthy, I do not train…and longer are periods I need to get weight on, if I eat too much of processed foods and sugar.

This is true for everybody who is still not there…in the promised land of self-discipline and all the right choices. I personally do not like to put to much stress on myself about that. My goal is to be 90% of the time on track and 10 % I allow myself to go of the track. It’s not that I did not try but I have discovered that the more disciplined I have tried to be this was putting more stress to my body and my fitness results stagnated. Hope this process will turn with time in favour of eating 100% healthy. But this is not there yet and I am not forcing it.

Instead of preventing myself from any junk and processed food I try to do it moderately. Once per week, usually on weekends I will eat some of the forbidden foods but right away on Sunday will get back on the track with eating and the next training. This is the way body does not even get that you did something wrong…well at least not visually.

But also achieving this goal of 90-10 does not happen over night. That I am still not totally in control over this shows also the fact that last summer I did the unthinkable and after one year of constant training and losing 25 kg after birth I suddenly stopped. I had enough. I needed to be lazy and to rest. And I have craved a lot of wrong foods. I started to eat really a lot beginning of July but even end of August it did not show so much (look at the photos from Beach outfits from Croatia). Last one or two days in Croatia and first few days after we came back I was suddenly whole blown up. Literally in few days I saw that nothing was fitting anymore.

Even if I was secretly hoping that I changed my body and now I can eat what ever I want, I knew that this will happen. Slowly I started to get back on track but was still  a bit silly whole September – training a bit and eating a bit more :)))) The size of my un-seriosity you can see on that last birthday photo with balloons…I mean…no comment!

So finally this made me commit again putting my self in order, eating right and training regularly. It is not about weight (I do not use the scale at all) but it is about size of me and shape. I want to be smaller and more shaped. This definitely does not make me any trouble as I did it once on much higher scale, this time I know exactly what are the steps and I want to share those steps with you. Especially as I know how scary it can be when you do not know where to start. Usually you start with some kind of diet which blows back into your face (and gloats 🙂 after some time.

So this time about 5 basic steps you have to introduce in your feeding regime:

1. Do not put out carbs, just put out most white flour and most of gluten products

This means that basicaly you need to put out white bread, pasta and similar dough products. Maybe sometimes you can have some whole grain bread or wheat or oats but that is all.  Your body does need carbs but you have to be aware when are you eating them and how much. This is especially true if you train (about this other time). That is very wide topic but for the beginning – eat your carbs last time for lunch, after this stick to protein and vegetables. (this means also avoid fruits after lunch time)

2. Cut off sugar totally

When you want to lose fat it is essential to get rid of sugar. It does not bring anything good to your body – maybe just to your emotional hunger – and body does not know what to do with it besides storing it as a fat. Cravings for sugar replace with fruits in the morning and early afternoon….moderately you can also add natural sugars to it like honey or coconut nectar.

3. Eat more healthy fats

Healthy fats are omega 3 and similar fats which are found in fish, nuts, avocado and some seeds. They are containing Omega 3 fatty acids and besides having many benefits for your health they will make you feel full longer. There are so many sources of them that some of them can fit into any schedule or any wallet.

4. Drink a lot of water

I know it probably sounds like a broken record but this is soooo important. Your body will not be able to take good stuff from the good food you eat and to get rid of fat if you do not offer it water as an exchange tool. Your body needs water to make that exchange. So drink at least 3 litres of water per day

5. Know your calories

This is not about counting calories but knowing approximately how much calories certain foods have. And especially important is to know how many calories you need to achieve your goal of healthy losing your fat. Sometimes it will also happen that you will eat some “forbidden” foods so it is very important to know how to behave rest of the day – how many calories you still have to take and how to take them smartly.

This is basic 5 rules which will let you starting. This is not any diet or special food regime. It is very important that you implement it the way it suits you the best. To cook food you are used to, to adjust your own recipes you like to new circumstances. This will work the best and it will serve you the longest. You will learn how to turn your life into its better and healthier version, and not somebody’s  else’s.

To prove you this system works I will report occasionally about my measurements, fitness progress and food I am taking (including big and small sins:))

Anyone wants to join?