Losing weight  is one thing but achieving perfect beach body after birth  is totally another. Having nicely defined body comes very handy when going to the beach but that is also the place of  vulnerability, when all of our fat reserves are uncovered and there is not much we can do to hide them. At least for me beach time is every year the time I tend to think critically about my body and decide what is necessary to “repair” until next summer season. Muscles or curves?

Last year in this time I had around 83 kg. Just started my weight loss journey and having small baby was not so much at the beach. Being overweight after birth is in general socially quite accepted and tolerated, so the only question which here arises how would I feel overexposing my overweight body to the public? I have to be honest – all this time after birth I felt horrible. I was never overweight and abusing my pregnancy to overeat regularly brought me some huge guilty feelings in the end.

First three months after birth, after C section, I did not want to do any diet or exercise program not to endanger my health. But after this I became ruthless.  Training almost every day, eating very disciplined brought me from 86 kg in July 2014 to my initial 63-65 kg in December 2014! As of then I train a bit less, eat a bit more but my body shapes slowly in the right direction.

How do I feel now about my body? Great! Do I want to make it even better for the next summer? Definitely!

I consider self criticism to be constructive and to lead us to progress, as soon as we have healthy relationship to ourself and our bodies. I needed years to come to the point where I have balanced those two topics – to be happy with my existing body day to day but to always work on that to improve it. The goal is always there where imagination stops. But where is that border?

For me personally is very hard to decide what is that ideal body  I would like to have. I love to have curves and to have that little fraction of body fat which makes those curves. But the question is how hand-able are those curves and how to keep them shaped. This is where this middle way with doing sports, I do in the moment, comes in. But is this enough? I wonder, after getting in your mid twenties respectively early thirties, does having a great shaped body allows additional percentage of fat we are talking about?

To be honest I do not like when woman has to many muscles and have absolutely no wish to have a six pack. It would mean to be whole muscly which I do not find beautiful – but what if this is the only choice? And if other choice is to be always a bit more fluffy, as you come into your ages?

On the other hand I do not like that Kim Kardashian like look. Especially I do not like it on me. I tried to love it when I had some kilos and some curves more but that is simply not me. I do not like the feeling of being constantly in pencil skirt and tight top…

I find this question very interesting and it is something keeping me busy in these hot summer days. It shapes my fall-winter-spring fitness and nutrition plans quite hard.  It boils and cooks decision about getting into that next stage? As, in the end of the road it is not important which look is in the moment popular or  what others expect from you…it’s you who decides! To be happy when you look yourself in the mirror or eventually that pair of little eyes following you everywhere…

What do you think?