Perceptions of beauty are created by media – last few decades we were bombed with skinny models to compete with in real life. Recently even high fashion agencies started to make promote plus size models, some of them extremely overweight.

I myself am not a big fan of overly muscled female body…simply does not look to me feminine enough although for sure it is not easy to achieve it. A lot of discipline with eating and training.

This is the chart regarding body fat percentage(issued by American Council on Exercise)


To promote plus size models which are on the upper border of average value is one thing but sticking to those who are hitting quite higher numbers goes over the question of beauty perceptions and reaches level of health considerations, especially considering that fashion industry has huge influence on young people, yet forming their eating and exercising habits. As in the past skinny models were over-promoted, now the danger comes from the other side.

Thinking about this switch in the fashion industry and taking into account that also big brands are slowly but yes starting to make plus size clothes, one can conclude that economic interests are prevailing. Considering that especially in West countries where purchase power is the highest, large portion of people is overweight,  it is clear that this portion of the market is to be seized also by the high fashion brands. Still, health issues are not the top issue.

Recently there was a story about an American plus size model, who has signed major contract with one of the fashion agencies and who promotes an idea that she loves her body. Although her face can be seen as pretty isn’t her weight a bit concerning, especially taking into account that she is yet in her twenties? I wonder what is her body fat percentage?


As we can not put leverage on the beauty, final judge should be officially recommended fat values, in order to avoid serious diseases coming out of obesity, like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes type 2 and many other. For more info on this look for example here (great video featured).

Everybody can find out body percentage by  using a scale which has this option in (about accuracy of this scale there are many different opinions but at least approximate values are known). Otherwise, body fat percentage can also be calculated through your Body Mass Index, based on your hight and current weight. Calculation application by same source here.

Getting scary overweight does not happen over night. It comes slowly and the earlier you react the better. The fact that being overweight is currently a kind of socially acceptable and that fashion industry is adjusting to it should not be excuse for young girls to accept anything less than being healthy, however this impacts their appearance.

What is your perception of beauty and how healthy is it?