Talking about photography, great travelling locations and high class destinations, this time I talk about very inexpensive accommodation in little village in Croatia.

This time I want to talk about the power of perception. Seeing all the “perfect” photos on the internet it may make us think that all that beauty comes out of expensiveness of the holidays locations we can not afford. In my opinion, location is not what makes good photography. Recently, I started to think about this more intensively especially after seeing some pretty average photos coming out of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Everybody can make an amazing photos! It comes only to practice how to transfer your own uniqe and positive feeling to the person observing a photo. This can be anything-cheap and quite ordinary.

This year we had no time to travel to the cost so much. We used last nice weekend and got by chance  little apartment close to Trogir (here are photo impressions from there) which was very simple, cheap but had very nice location on the shore of the sea. Water was cristal clear, atmosphere very calm and all you could hear are waves and occasional screams of our little peace breaker 🙂

I love beautiful photos. I am able to go through quite an effort to make a perfect photo-to transfer what I see in that moment for others to see to. It is not  easy. But is worth it! Why? Because we are made in that way that beauty is feeding our souls. Nobody will ever make such a perfect camera lenses as our eyes are. This is why editing tools showed up in a first place. Although is quite easy to overdo things, with sense of measure editing tools are allowing us to make our photos closer to that picture we see in our heads. And this is the point where creativity differs itself from the view of average viewer. Somebody who has an “eye for photography” from somebody who does not.

If you are this person and even if your pictures are far away from that what you see in your head do not give up. Practice and do more and more for  a good photo.The more you practice the more it will look like that picture in your head. And one day, when years pass, you will find that photo, look at it and return exactly in that time, place and place in your imagination which you already forgot because you have moved on in some new dimensions.

and p.s. Do not listen to people who publish aesthetically unappealing photos and make fun of you because they are so real and you are so fake  – that is their creativity border and this is yours.

Have fun and live!