We all become artistic when it starts to snow. We all want to transfer all the beauty we see around us to the photos and if possible, make people in the photos looking good too. However, often happens that photos are not  reflecting things as our eyes, due to some photography hacks or wrong clothes and shoes choice.Here are few blogger/photography tips and tricks how to make your winter photos look better.

sarajevo-jan-17-2-353It is always more ideal to make winter pictures in cloudy, rather than in sunny weather. Namely, when it comes to sunny days, although they provide for more light, the quality of light is lower in photography terms- it makes huge contrasts so in order to have more light on subject you will have to secrifise some details around you (like snow on the branches, or snowy roofs). Of course professional photographers can make wonders out of such a light conditions but for beginners this is quite useful tip.

sarajevo-jan-17-2-246For additional enhacement colors and contrasts it is useful to have one of phone or computed applications for photos editing. All the perfect pictures you see on the internet were more or less edited. Nowadays there are so many free aps for photo editing, it is not necessary to use those profesional and complicated ones, like Phtoshop.  Winter photos always respond good to light/exposure, contrast and highlights adjustments. Take care not to over do it, it should still look natural.


Although you would think clothes in very strong colors, in my opinion nothing compares with white color. The whiteness of the clotes melts with the whiteness of the snow so the persons features come into focus-hair, face… Still, in editing process this contrasts are to be adjusted so the white colors would not melt together too much. Ideal is when upper part of clothes is white-if noting else only white hat will do the trick partly too.


Among white jacket and neutral trousers, shoes in intense colours are always good choice. They will make visual border with the snow and the portrait itself will look more defined. On these photos I wear Timberland boots (also because they are waterproof) and with one time wash mask I coloured also the hair in orange. The Timberland in classic colour fit to everybody, especially good are fitting to honey blonde hair with white highlights.


sarajevo-jan-17-2-26More white clothes you have on, more care is needed not to melt too much with the enviroment. A bag in your hand or an umbrella are always a good choice. Be careful about colours not to spoil winter magic.Strong colors of accessories can do wonders if you know what are you doing. If not better stick to neutral colors.



and yes…do not forget to be silly!Those photos are the best!


These are my photo tips, inspired by huge amount of snow falling on my home time Sarajevo. Somebody told me my pictures from Sarajevo are always the prettiest-because this is such a special city!

You like winter snow photos too?