There are a lot of sources on the internet how to start with training, how to lose weight and so but not so much about how to keep up with training?

It is midnight and I just have finished with my 30 min workout with Jillian Michaels. To be honest, I did not train good part of the summer, just being lazy, eating sugar and junk food and relaxing. I just needed that. I think everybody does.

Obviously training did me good as my weight did not come as fast as usually. Before I started to train, my metabolism was like a mirror – I could just look junk food and I would get weight. I needed just 2 weeks to feel and see how the fat is accruing around my waist. More I have trained it was harder to see the change.
Juhuuuu. As it is in human nature to be greedy when we can, I started to really overeat second part of the summer, especially when we had holidays with all of the kids.

On holiday in Croatia all of my swimming suits were fitting, but I already felt slight changes. Wow. Last few days in Croatia and these few days we are at home I got real hit in the head – my body started to pump up like a pudding. All that problematic areas are back. Obviously body has a better capability to defend itself from storing additional fat, when it is fit and has more muscle mass, but it is not all mighty. The debt I have made in junk food world is again to be paid!

I love to look and feel fit. Love to be able to explore fashion with a few limitations and not always to think what I could wear according to my weight-shape. All the women (well almost all, beside some gorgeous models) have some limitations considering their shape, but I think much more limitations are coming due to unfit bodies which limits (again most of) women to express themselves through fashion and build style they like. Instead, you have hordes of those women always in black or wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time. To be clear, not all the women have need to express themselves through fashion – I know few of those – but every women who likes fashion should be able to wear what she wants without limiting themselves.

There are also few who are able to feel very self-confident also being overweight. Putting aside health issues, that is great. For those ladies who are able to see them selves beautiful, carrying those extra kilos with pride and being able to express themselves through fashion without limitations I have special admiration for. In this world full of extreme beauty standards that is an art. But what about that big majority of those not overweight but normal girls/women not being perfect? Those who accept that they are not “perfect” because of some fat cells on their stomach or tights? Are those limitations they are putting on them selves expression of self-acceptance or lack of motivation to change? To improve their bodies..

I was definitely in the second group. In my twenties I could wear almost anything without effort. In the late twenties and early thirties things started to deteriorate but still with some minor style modifications this was not even noticed by others. With pregnancy things really deteriorated, I could not hide it from myself in any way so I had to do something (my  weight loss story here). But after coming to the stage where I was before pregnancy also the motivation to get really fit stopped.

Eternal question – being muscly or fluffy (I wrote about that here) is always in. But except muscly appearance, which does not have to be cute for everybody, what else is stopping us getting in that exclusive club of “I always eat healthy, I train every day and I am happy about it” people? If it is discipline, what is than fun about it? Training hurts, eating sugar is fun…so?

After this first pendulum stage I have put through I would say that the discipline becomes fun with years. Your body and mind need it to be happy. Like a slavery sindrom – you keep your body for so many years as a slave to your goals that after that time it starts to crave for it?!?!? Its a kind of addiction. Good one. Unlike other things, this one is hard to achieve. It has to hurt you to change you. And that is not fun.

In principal the breaking point comes when you accept later pleasure for current pain and refuse current pleasure for later pain. When you accept pain durring training because of satisfaction which comes later (beside physical appearance sport is also a mood booster – wrote about that here). When you refuse current pleasure of eating junk food because of later bad feeling – feeling bloated and guilty. The breaking point is where you break your excuses. When you succeed to make your body slave of your mind.

I try once more….and if I fail, I will try again…until I succeed. You?