Starting as personalised virtual corners, where girls shared their love for interests, hobbies and fashion combinations, blogging turned into a marketing profession where huge amounts of money are included.

Blogging itself is quite young thing. From 1994, when first blog was made up to now, we have no certain information how many blogs are there. While we were adjusting to them and their personal, noncommercial and individualised virtual content we got into social media expansion, where term “blogger” expands to everybody who publicly shares his personality, ability or an interest. This is how  this activity turned into pure professionalism making new,very potent marketing branch.

In the fast paced environment we are living in, being surrounded by thousands of informations daily, unfortunately we have no more time for reading of long texts or patience for commercials. More and more of internet platforms offers so called add blockers where it is possible to block commercials from your screen. This fact combined with stormy expansion of all blogging forms made an excellent new marketing tool, where connection between blogger and his-her audience is being used for brand promotion. Based on that connection and trust blogger has, promoted products features should not be questionable…or at least they were not up to now.

Everyday bloggers are getting more and more (here I do not mean only internet sites owners but also individuals who are actively sharing their contents on social media) and there are more possibilities for content commercialisation.  This enables bloggers to devote more time and energy to creating content, as main or side job and in the same time brands are getting new faithful buyers of their goods, guaranteed by credibility bloggers enjoys with his-hers audience.

If we are talking about fashion blogging, containing elements of many attractive vocations like modelling, tv hosting, journalism, photography, a lot of girls wants to share their photos online and gain following and influence, rewarded with marketing fees. Sound ideal, right? Besides the fast, like in every other economic activity, too big offer of something automatically makes it less worth and consequently brings decreased or more diversified demand. However, this is another topic we will come to soon, but here and now we stick to the change itself, happened when between blogger and audience entered the third, economic factor.

However, the trust as a base blogger has for the influence over the audience gets challenged by the fact that the opinion about some product or service is being paid. Transparency of sponsored content still remains grey, which affects the change in public perception when it comes to the role of blogger. Here only possibility remains to rely on your experience – sixth sense in order to decide do you believe or not to somebody…

In some countries sign “sponsored” becomes obligatory and bloggers are becoming a new category of marketing promoters, helping companies to present their services-products in a best way. It is clear how changed role of a blogger in this case becomes more transparent and their followers know they are in their promotion role.

Analysing all this, we can conclude that blogging as made in 90is is slowly dying off and being replaced with professional one, as a marketing tool where economic rules apply too. Is it going to get out of the grey zone and how fast, it depends how efficient is the legal system they are operating in. But it is for sure clear that personal trust basis gets replaced with commercialised one, where companies are using people we feel we know, instead of professional models. Professional bloggers are replacing professional models. With this nature of trust blogging was initially based on changes.

Instead of conclusion, it is to be stressed that this is nothing to be seen as bad. Developing virtual world always offers new possibilities, where business potentials are emerging and disappearing…it is to be aware of the change blogging went through and to adjust to it. Moreover, this phase includes changes in everyday life of each of us, so we all become marketing promoters by tagging source of product or service on social media resp. expressing our opinion about it. It happens more and more that companies are rewarding us for that too.  All makes sense but still, everything which is happening in excess and does not differ from each other, loses value. To be kept in mind for bloggers and brands wanting to be promoted so creativity continues to flow. We are impatiently waiting for new development milestones but until then-welcome to the new blogging reality!