We have a snow in Sarajevoooo πŸ™‚ We were expecting it but not in such a amount. Or this is our excuse for missing to safe the threes…And yes, the winter stuff was already in a basement πŸ™‚

snowy day April 2017-39

Last winter I brought the snow, every time I came…it stayed for days…But in April? I did not expect this…Still, luckily they predicted the rain so I took the Hunters with me. Best decision this year.

snowy day April 2017-28

The fact they are costing something over hundred EUR does not seem logical. I mean…its just rubber shoes. But this is not where you want to save and where you try cheap brands. Beleive me, I was there.

And over the years Hunters did become a classic. And there you should invest.

English wear them with anything. They fit good even with business combos (can not wait!!!) as well as a part of city grunge moments.

The high price is due to brand for sure but they are also hand made, not to let in single drop of water. I have them for years and could not imagine that something could happen to them…They seem indestructible.

So they were these days when I had to clean the car and rumble around the city to make photos. I had to document all this sad moments…destroyed trees with flowers and leaves on them πŸ™


But Sarajevo survived some worst stuff than this. My feet too. It was all dry and photos done. Not to be forgotten. And me? Like a frog, for days in a rubber shoes…

  1. Classic, trench coat and red Hunters boots…dream team. For business combinations this goes great with black and white dress or a jumpsuit. Plus red lipstick (a bit less red for work) and you are done. I did not go for work, so dream catcher was there to make it a bit less casual. And of course…winter addition-big white pullover:)

snowy day April 2017-19

2. For Ayshas birthday there was no time for makeup but we had to pick up the cake…so I hide behind the glasses and camouflage with a nice dress. I would totally wear something like this to work.

city outfit dots Hunter By Naida-3-2

city outfit dots Hunter By Naida-13-2

city outfit dots Hunter By Naida-5-2

3. Few months ago I have found also kids Hunters on a big sale so it was a must. They saved us these days as of course, she had to step in evey single rain lake in the town. And for me this time more relaxed option…plaid coat and oriental pashmina…love it evey time…

vils snowy april 2-24

vils snowy april 2-72-2

vils snowy april 2-5

What is your favorite?