When thinking about Bosnia and Hercegovina, usually first thought is Sarajevo. Although it deserves all the positive hype, there is so much more to discover in this country. One of the most beautiful areas is that around Una river, on north-west part. We opened spring season there this year. Although rainy, she was amazing, like all the stories told…



The big fuss about extraordinary border controlle beggining of April on EU borders, made us think twice which border enterance to use when travelling to Bosnia. Our usual way was not a good idea as there were long waiting lines so we planned other route via most North-West part of Bosnia and beautiful Krajina area. We planned just one night stay, to rest and in the same time, to snoop on the area.

Our aim was to get some on the budget accomodation, in the nature and especially close to river Una. We were quite realistic about possibilities and time limitation we had so we did not plan any further sightseeing, but just staying around the place of stay. We have found one in the Touristic center Neron in little villagge Lohovo, some 10 km from regional capital Bihac.

While inspecting the Tripadvisor pictures we were so impressed they had appartments so close the the river that you had litterally the feeling you were floating on the river itself. And the feeling was true. In the night we heard only sound of one of the Una smaller slopes, few hundred meters away. In the night they seemed huge. In the morning, although it was raining, the scene was magical. Sound of  the river, rain in the total silence and she in all of her calmness, deepness and unmistakable green color all around us. I was sorry we did not plan to stay more, even in the rain.



We made our little walk to the nearby little slope, through one more touristic center, called Natura or something where they had little farm of bunnies, goats and donkeys we quite enjoyed. There was also little playground place we could not use, as all was wet but I can already imagine kids voices and playing there.

rainy Una April 17-336

But still, would not exchange the place we stayed in. It had that something. In fact it had everything. Amazing apartments with or without river view (you can choose – when you want to have a view you have to pick a bit older and basic apartment or you can choose ones with garden view, which are newer and more modern) – I would always choose river view.

rainy Una April 17-27

In the middle of the garden there is a huge kids area, where you do not have to worry kid will end up too close to the river or the street. The village is anyway far away from traffic and the only street is really small one, with none or some traffic.

rainy Una April 17-383

rainy Una April 17-386

Details, details, details… You could spend whole day there only photographing details in that place. Each has its place and adds to the overall impression of a home on the river…


rainy Una April 17-384

rainy Una April 17-393

rainy Una April 17-417

rainy Una April 17-38

The place has its own access for the boats and amazing breakfast place close to the river.

rainy Una April 17-401

rainy Una April 17-400

rainy Una April 17-404

The hospitality of the owners (it is a family business so more then less all the family members are working there) is typical Bosnian. We came late in the night, got dinner…in the morning we had a nice homemade breakfast and all the help we could get with stomach ache of the little one. We could not feel more at home.

rainy Una April 17-53


The check out hour was also prolonged due to the availability of the capacities.

As I said, although there was a rain, I was sorry to leave. Can not wait to come back again.

This is a kind of place I would recommend to everybody. Real Bosnian beauty.

rainy Una April 17-229

rainy Una April 17-214

rainy Una April 17-387

rainy Una April 17-160