Waterfall Skakavac (trans. Grasshopper) is one of the nature’s wonders in the vicinity of Sarajevo. Yesterday we took a walk there, rather unplanned, did some photos and I have decided to use this post to announce series of travel blogging posts, especially promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These days we are again burring remainings of people who were killed in genocide which happened here 20 years ago. Such a sad days for our country…but lately I realise these are the only things which most of the people know about us. And this country is so beautiful. It has unbelievably beautiful nature, architecture and tradition.

It has that something which will make you come back again…and again… It is equally important to keep our memories on all the tragedies happened to this country so we can give respect to the victims, condolences to their families as well to promote all the beautiful things this country has to offer. Bosnia has unique beauty every tourist coming to this country should be aware of. AS well as every tourist should be aware of our tragic past and help us keep memories on it while preventing that something like that happens again!

Through this Bosnian Beauty series we will try to transfer a part of the best this country has to offer  to the photos and keep inviting people to experience it themselves.

For this purpose we created hashtag #bosnianglow for all the people who recognise natural beauty, architecture, tradition or similar in Bosnia and Hercegovina worth mentioning in this serie.. Do that and please tag @glowhunters!!!


On the way to waterfall you will be able to see monument to one more crime from 1992…Bosnia is full of those monuments but also full of beautiful things which should be promoted more for brighter future of this country.

This is 98 m high waterfall which is the biggest one in BiH and it is very near to Sarajevo (11 km). It is must see when visiting this city. For all the tourists coming without car, if going by foot is too much, there are different transport possibilities – taxi will probably not take you more then 5-10 EUR but the cheapest is the bus going to village Nahorevo ( costs app. 1 EUR).

You should have appropriate shoes as the way goes up and down, getting very steep in the end. There are directions everywhere but sometimes is hard to see where the road is going, respectively to believe it takes you to the area under waterfall. But following the wooden fence is quite safe choice. There are always other hikers there so in case you get lost you can always ask. I have heard from other tourists that for some of them road was a bit confusing so it is important to know that even if road goes up and down it will take you to the underneath of waterfall.

The wood way takes you even further from waterfall, but this time we just stayed there and had some fun. It is very beautiful but also refreshing-little water sparkles are everywhere making the humidity in the air and refreshing   the atmosphere.

We are going to go back with all the photo equipment for second part…maybe in winter, who knows 🙂