Proud to publish first project, announcing special part on the blog promoting Bosnia and Hercegovina, my home. We were preparing for this for some time now but finally all the cubes came together and we are ready to start.I have decided to start with a little place near Sarajevo, beautiful view and sunset, symbolising all the beauty of this country in all its diversity.

Vrh piramide-288

Story about Bosnian pyramids started years ago, when dr. Semir Osmanagic, American with Bosnian roots, had stated that this huge hill (213 high) is in fact result of human act and not natural formation. He believes that this is worlds biggest pyramids, older and bigger than those in Egypt which is going to change all we know about history. More informations about research and progress in this topic you can found on the page of Foundation of Bosnian Pyramids.

There are different opinions when it comes to believing in this theory-as always there are supporters and opponents. Even if you ask Bosnian people the result will be half half probably. I personally believe in his theory…he does offer a lot of scientific prove to backup all those claims but also my feeling tells me he is right. But who are we to know? Maybe is all whole set of coincidences…although not likely…

This hill has also one officially recognised historic track-on the top of the hill are ruins of medieval royal castle town where leaders and kings of Bosnian kingdom from 14-th century were governing sorounding area, issuing documents and organising ceremonies.  The area of todays town Visoko was in those times very center of Bosnian Kingdom, which was for some time strongest in that area. When Ottoman empire concorded Europe, also Bosnia felt under their control and this was the end of Bosnian Kingdom.

Combination of these two stories, about Bosnian pyramids and all those kingdom stories make this place very interesting tourist point. This is proven also by thousands of tourists visiting this destination every year.

The top of the hill and this amazing view it offers pays the trip itself. It is possible to come under the top with the car, where there are also some hotels with stunning view on the valley. Walking distance to the top is not so long but you should have some hiking shoes as the way is very steep and bushy. Coming to the top pays it all!

Vrh piramide-136

Very quite and peaceful mood on the top…just the sound of wind and sheeps coming from nearby villages…gives in fact feeling that you are much more far away from civilisation and so close to the clouds…and it is just 15 min away!

Next shoot in August we are taking you around the hill with some more of photo inspiration and some more tips for feeling special energy of this place…pyramid or not, this place for sure has it!


Vrh piramide-231-Edit-2

p.s. the goal of overall project of promoting BiH is to get out also those less known places…so if  you have some proposal please tag us on social media and/or use hashtag #bosnianglow