Monochromatic looks are one way to pull your outfit together, appear fashionable and look leaner. All this accompanied with fast and simple choices when standing in front your closet, makes basic rules for classy monochromatic combinations a “must know”:

Keep always in the same colour temperature – especially if you are a beginner it is always safer to keep with cool, warm or neutral nuances of the same colour. You can easier combine one or the other extreme with neutral ones but cool and warm are hard to combine, so it is better to stay on the safe side. This is especially case with green or blue colors, where wrong mixture can make look disorganized. If you are not sure, grey and beige are always good to go!

Combine different textures – you do not want to have different nuances of the same or similar fabric as this can make your outfit appear dull. If this is the case (like in my case here) try to break it with some different textured detail on the strategicaly good position (in my case the belt – more about this later)

Monochromatic combinations can make you look leaner, but be careful not to look too boring – place a detail on the place where you want to stress or hide something. In my case I have decided to put differently textured belt (warm brown leather look)  in the waist area, as i do not want that the sleevless coat under top coat to make me look wider being buttonless. Another easy way to take away boringness is to add a detail like small scarf on the bag which makes the whole combination look more relaxed but even if turning a bit on brown, still keeps in the same color scale.

Spice it up with a pop of another colour – this is a monochromatic look but it is always more interesting when one or two details are in the totally oposit color – in this case I have black shoes and little black detail on my hat. If the whole combination is monochromatic it is always an option to choose a bold lipstick or eye makeup.


What is your favorite monochromatic combo? Make me a proposal and I will try to put it together one!