Vienna is famous for its Christmas lights and decorations, but as I like it a lot I hardly need a reason to go there. This time we again used the fact that Aysha’s grandparents live nearby so we could have a day for us.

The Christmas mood could not go without red colour. Weather was sunny but the fact that it is December made me think twice when talking about choice of outfit. I am pragmatic in that sense and would never sacrifice health or comfort for fashion (not that I did not do it when I was in my teen years though). I do not understand fashion streams when bloggers or models wear sandals with coats on fashion weeks or similar. Still, everybody should decide on their own. I have decided to have this great John Ashfield cape coat in combination with slashed knee jeans. Love to combine classical pieces as this coat, which is all ladylike with some purely punk elements like Dr. Martins shoes and ripped trousers. Even more ladylike high gloves to give it a nice touch and prevent arms to be cold…Details of outfit under the pics:







Vienna is also very photogenic city, and not only in Christmas time. Few hours went very fast having 3 cameras in the bag 🙂

The rest of the time we were busy buying Christmas gifts. This time we have decided to skip usual asking kids what they want for Christmas and to buy them each one book, taking into account what they are interested in and what is appropriate for their age. Every occasion they usually choose games or techical stuff but also this is not so hot anymore as they have everything already. We still did not give them books though. Today they are coming so let us see what level of disappointment we are looking into 🙂 Anybody has an experience with this??

After a book store, my all time favorite Forever 21 (which btw has a huge sale even now before official sale starts) and a lot of city wondering it was time to go home and celebrate Christmas. Me being muslim does not mean that I do not enjoy in every single moment of Christmas and other christian holidays. I do beleive that all people who are really and truly religious are good in their hearts, regardless how they call their God. And this is what it matters. As we saw, many people who call their God same as I do have nothing in common with my understanding of religion and are abusing it to do horrible things. So, my God is the same as the God of anyone who means and does good. Hope this is also you, my dear Glowhunters.