Mood for supporting or not supporting refugees issue in Europe is constantly changing. There are days when you can hear only negative, homophobic and nationalistic statements of those who would like to build a Chinese wall around Europe.  And then, there are those better days when we also hear positive thoughts and feel willingness of people to help. Result? Some of the refugees already have found their way and new life and some of them are still on the streets of European cities, with no basic life conditions. So I guess we should finish this month October, with positive thoughts, which it started with in Vienna during refugees support demonstrations.

Every month I try to post at least one round of photo-impressions, from different cities we are traveling to. Lately, we travel a lot less then before and to the closer destinations as Aysha is getting bigger and she is not anymore interested to sit in the stroller.
Lately one of our favourite destinations is Vienna, as Christians parents live nearby and Aysha gets to spend whole day with them. Although they have seven grandchildren they are very thrilled to spend time with all of them… even the smallest one.  And we take baby free day, go for shopping, lunches, brunches and simply enjoy two of us time.

Right after my birthday in October we went to Vienna with all this selfish plans to have calm day and to rest. Going to the shopping paradise Mariahilferstrasse, which is a huge street full of different shops, we found ourselves in the middle of the refugee protests movement.

First thing to notice were posters with faces of refugees glued on the street. The aim was to put “faces on the numbers” and they represented 2000 faces of people, who went through Austria in last few months.

Slowly but yes people started to gather from all around and to form very big mass which started to move along the street.

It is amazing how suddenly all that positive energy spreaded and filled all the corners of our hearts. Carrying huge paroles  people were screaming phrases welcoming refugees or judging rasisem and nacionalism.

We were shocked how many people were there. They just kept coming and the whole mass hapily moved towards the Austrian parliament. They reported on the news that there were around 20 thousand poople out that day.

Although we have found ourselves by chance there, it was amazing to be in the middle of something so noble and giving, even if there were only words and good will in that moment.

Currently we  live in the atmosphere, where we are bound to travel to nearby places with our pasports and where every entry in the country is so strictly checked,  I sometimes have feeling, it is a war again. I simply do not like that feeling of seriousity on the borders, when you are checked by military and police in the same time. Only thing it is missing is that they desinfect us when coming back into the country.

I was still a kid when war in Bosnia started, but I very good remember it unfortunately. I also remember how our neighbours and friends who wanted to leave the war, were put into the buses and secured convoys to be escorted with all the dignity. I do not know how they felt leaving, but we saw them as quite fancy. I remember complaining to my parents whole war not to go, as we always received news how good they have built their lives in Europe. And for sure they have good memories too.

I wonder, what kind of memories and traumas those refugee kids will have…will they be scared of police the whole life? Or of train stations? Will they want to go to the see for swimming ever again? What they will think about people who are living here?

After this we all went back to our comfy life, our coffee and cookies….and them?They have nowhere to go back to…but once they will!

Because, this will end once. They will find their way. They will grow up and get successful in life. But, what they will tell their kids about people living in Europe?

Hope they will remember days like this in Vienna, those positive faces and feelings a lot of people showed while offering willingness to change things….who knows, maybe things do change positively  and those collective memory finds us a home in their hearts!