Longer I live outside of Bosnia, more I feel like a tourist when I come there…Especially those first days, when still adjusting and remembering how things are running.

But now there is one thing objectively different then before. Now I have the little one. Focus and needs while in the city changed heavily. Before it was more important how to find places for piacefull drinking of coffee or wildly going out in the night, now it is important that is safe, close to approach with the stroller and that it has kids playground. If in the same time the place offers some kind of nice mood enviroment also for the parents, we are staying there.

Before little one came we menaged to find that places in our close sorounding in Austria, every second weekend, when Christian brought the kids from Vienna. But as they never went with us to Sarajevo, there we for sure  did not search for such a places. Now we do. And are happy to share it with you, once we find them.

Vilson’s promenade  is the most beautiful tree alley close to the city center in Sarajevo. During the war in Bosnia this was the border line between two sides, on two shores of Miljacka. Maybe this is the reason that the trees are still as they were, old and tall. Last few years the city made it partly forbiden for the cars, integrated benches and some exercise tools. There are a lot of coffee gardens so this is favourite place where city people bring their kids after work or on weekends. It is really cool and relaxing place to rest your mind. You can walk with your kids, go for run, use some of the outside exercise gears…You can also hire one of those bycicles for 4 people and scroll up and down.

The lane is quite long. Somewhere on the middle we have discovered a great place called Aquarius, which is coffee garden, restaurant and club with a kids playground. Too good to be true…

It has amazing club-pub like interior, with bricks walls and amazing huge windows. The furniture is vintage like and the whole place is loaded with beautiful vintage details. Inside it looks like a mixture of English pub and some renaissance   royalty club and outside gives more modern atmosphere packed in lounge open air coffee garden and place where you can bring your kids. Investigating on the internet there is a multi purpose which was part of the concept when opening the club 1999. Meanwhile it moved on current location but the concept of pub, bar, restaurant, open air garden, lounge room and kids park stayed.

The concept introduces different roles for different times of the day. For the mornings until late afternoons as Lounge coffee ideal for morning coffee, snacks, breakfasts, lunches, business meetings…Second part starts after work and it lasts until early evening. Evening program changes every night and includes literally all kinds of entertainment  and all music directions.The food is great and offered the whole day – not so  numerous meals but still wide range of possibilities.

We tried all three parts . We were there for early brunch and coffee. As in  Sarajevo we have my cousin as our amazing babysitter in Sarajevo, who is very loved by Aysha, so there we use luxury of going out in the morning, having breakfast or brunch, working a bit, making plans…or just relaxing. During the day  inside is almost empty so we could also work in piece…it was kind of weird making phone calls without fear that somebody could be bored and start to cry. 🙂 

We also used those amazing windows to make some more artistic portrait shoots. Even during the day inside is very dark so shooting was real challenge. Still exactly this gave the whole charm.

We were also there during late afternoon and early evening with the little one. Great way to spend an afternoon in Sarajevo. Having a walk in Vilson’s promenade and than bringing kids here to the playground. As this was also part of their initial concept,  there are convenient coffee tables by the kids playground where parents can sit and keep an eye on the kids while drinking and eating.

Finally we were there also in the evening, but this time just for drink or two trying on babysitting thing for the first time. Next time we stay longer.

So great place for all of you visiting Sarajevo with kids and wanting to have it all in one place. Really ideal is if you stay in hotel Bristol which is also on the alley. Stayed there when I was doing business in Sarajevo many times and have only best words for it.

Hope these pictures keep your taste buds active and you visit Sarajevo and recommended places. Let me know what you think!