Cooking with kids or for kids, especially these healthy versions of desserts are nothing like in commercials-it can turn out messy but it is worth it every step of the way. These they loved-they have fruits, sugar and chocolate, why wouldn’t they?

Question asked hundred times per day on hot summer days is “Can I have an ice cream”? As our kids are used to my cooking experiments they now ask also ” Can we make our own”…but still, if the stuff is not tasty enough they will not eat it! They will politely avoid to even ask for ice cream at home and will wait until we go out to state their wishes…

This is what I have learned in my previous episodes cooking sweet stuff for kids…in the ideal world only fruits in ice cream is enough! Knowing it in this case it will then be just for us I added a bit of maple syrup. Still I tried to sneak in coconut milk instead of normal (which was immediately noticed:)

Last night they were done and ready for eating but without chocolate they seemed uninterested even if I have explained that I did put sugar in and its very sweat and great 🙂 So last minute option was to melt some 70% cacao chocolate and to coat ice creams. It is not perfect options as it makes lumps but they are much more satisfied now.

I thought this is a good one to share and inspire some of you to make some messy, imperfect, nothing for commercials like ice creams but on the other hand tasty, healthy and loved by kids.


500 g berries (I used some Bosnian wild blackberries but any berries with do the trick)

1 can organic coconut oil

Half  a cup maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla powder

100 g dark chocolate

1/4 cup coconut oil

decoration (I used organic ones-not expensive at all helps accept the fact they will eat ice cream better because of it)


Berries, coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla powder to be mixed in a high speed blender until smooth consistency.

Pour the mass into ice pops models-I used ones from IKEA

leave at least 6 hours in freezer

For chocolate coating:

melt dark chocolate with coconut oil until smooth

Take ice cream out of freezer and carefully coat with chocolate,, helping your self with a spoon. Leave in a freezer for few hours more.