Focusing on low histamine foods over the summer made me leave my working system of nutrition, which helped me loose 30 kg weight after birth and maintain more or less ideal weight. Now when my health conditions improved I am coming back to my old nutrition system and starting new three months regime of weight loss (at the end I will make a Youtube video about it). Today I am in thinking process about weight and emotions we are connecting it with.

My all times favorite recipe for losing weight and staying on top of the game is always working, so I was never afraid to get few kilos as I knew hot to lose them. With discovering my histamine intollerance and the problems which came with it (video about this is here) I continued with same regime focusing on anti-inflamatory foods. This approach did not work unfortunately (will update this on youtube too) so I had to focus strictly on low histamine foods resp. foods which do not liberate histamines. To make long story short, before I ate mostly meat, fish, vegetables, fruits nad healthy fats (and healthy sugar, mostly black chocolate) while on new regime I started to eat more potatos, rice, vegetables and some kinds of fruits (considering that all kinds of cacao are conected to histamine release, I ate mostly fruits or some processed sugars  which are cacao free)

New food regime was mostly healthy but much more caloric and it was food with high glycemic index (I wrote here about glycemic index) so weight came much faster. Although I never take scale as a reference, I do have 70 kg!  In the same time I have somehow my histamines under control so I am returning to my old way of eating, hoping that my body will not react so dramatically to mostly healthy and things I love to eat, like nuts or dark chocolate.

Months I have been gaining weight, were a bit passive for me because I could not change anything in my food but only try to dress in a way this does not show (here I have some tips about that). It was necessary to buy some stuff but also some post-pregnancy stuff came good to me…good that I do not like to get rid of stuff:)

But fahsion was menagable, thinking phylosophicaly was more tiring…Somethimes it was unclear to me how long will this take and will I be able to eat and train as I was used to…and if not, will I be happy? Social media is constantly bombing us with all those ideal body questions. After period of promoting skininess came time that girls like Ashley Graham are promoting being fat (here as a basis I take position of World health organisation ( ) with respect to the limit values of fat procentage in the body) as new way of women accepting them selves, refusing unreasonable social standards, as a way women return to their real selves…


I do not feel that I have returned to my self. I feel trapped in big fat pillow. And then  I think, probably ideal body is the one makes you feel the best….I know women who have ten or fifteen kilos more then I have and they know how to handle it and feel great. I do not know how to handle it. My whole body got fat-my legs, stomach, tighs, breasts…hands and shoulders remained same. Bigger breasts make my back hurt, I do not feel good sitting when my “pillows” start to get around me…That is my feeling. Maybe somebody else feels bad being skinny….So this must be a criterium. Ideal body is the one you feel the best in. But one thing is to be kept in mind and that are health consideration. If your “good feeling” will bring you to health danger, try rather to lose some weight and it can be that you will feel good even lighter. You never know until you try!

I am already few days on my old regime so some posts with this topic are coming up. I gave myself 12 weeks for returning to the old shape and condition – will publish video afterwards, in case somebody needs motivation for New year resolutions…:)





And now about fashion – my personal taste is very strict when we talk about lace. My curvy body I see as something already decorated with so many curves that I have to be careful when it comes to decorative materials like lace, animal prints, transparent materials and similar… Still I love to wear underwear and sleeping pieces as clothes, as it is especially this season modern. Having few kilos more makes even harder to combine but not impossible.


Here is one trick out of my “chic diary” I write for years in my head with focus on curvy women-one stripes piece plus big nerdy glasses can neutralise curve and lace up to the point it can get chic again. Somehow both of these pieces are nerdy and minimalistic but more un-feminine when you compare them with curve and lace on their own. Here I am more nerdy who is hiding everything which could remind, when it comes to the body shape, to a copy of Kim Kardashian. Her way of dressing has its special charm when it comes to this body shape and especially kilos, but I am not always in the mood to tight all of the angles of my body and be in focus of that kind of attention. Sometimes I want just to be nerd.





What do you think, like nerds?