Todays daily workout portions belong to Mike Chang and Zuzka Light.

After two days pause today was time to do something again. During the day, as this weekend all of our kids are here simply there was no time for anything so we both did Mike Chang’s 5 min abs workout. It is very short but very intense as it is done without pause and always same muscle group is targeted.

As this is the time when I have to work on my definition one training per day, even  longer is not good enough as two shorter ones. So in the evening I tried Zuzka’s Kettlebel 7x. She signed it with the x letter as it is one of the more challenging ones, depending on the kettlebell you use. There are 4 exercises, full body, 15 min as many as you can do. I did 5 full rounds. It was very challenging although this time I used 8 kg weight.