In these hot days it is important to drink enough water and avoid drinks with added sugar. Consuming them will not satisfy your needs for liquids and in the same time they are high in calories which can make you fat.

The ideal option is to drink only water, which can be enriched with taste by adding vegetables, fruits or spices.

This time one great refreshing and detoxing combination of cucumber, lime and mint. Great for hot days. You can make it in the morning and leave it covered in the fridge or add ice cubes. 3 l glass can last whole day and it will satisfy your daily liquid needs.

So you will for 3 l need 2 limes (if you do not have lime lemon is also good), leaves of one mint branch and one bigger cucumber. Cucumber and lime in slices and mint in leaves to be mixed together and a bit squeezed with a bigger spoon. This you do before adding water so a bit of juice is squeezed out. After this add water and leave in the fridge covered one hour at least. ENJOY!

detox water lime, mint and cucumber 2 3 1