Although we live in relatively big apartment, we took it when we did not have a baby and adjusted it to the other kids, who were with us every second weekend. So it was very important to have a kids room and a large living room area so all feel comfortable during those visiting days.

When we got the baby we did not want to change the apartment as anyway we did not plan to stay permanent in this city. So little Aysha got a little corner in our bedroom.

We used one of the large living room areas on the second floor to make a kind of cheap Ikea version of closet and make up room for me, where some place was also found for Christian’s clothes (not that he has so much:))) But in this design we could not possible fit in those little hangers …

While visiting my friend I spotted how she solved this problem with simple shower curtain holder…they cost few euros and all you need is two stable support sides. This can be wall, or sides of closet…anything stable!

See how we did it and tell me what you think!