Organising my jewellery was always a challenge as I have a lot of it. Those more expensive pieces and pieces I have got from my mum I keep in special place but these everyday pieces, which are perfect to combine with outfits are so many. I have bought diferent kinds of those fancy wall holders but all of them in the end end up something like this:

DIY jewelry board-17
This idea I have found within my family, but did not have half of stuff they used to make it like silicon. So, as it was Sunday I have come up with my own solution.

All you need is one styrofoam board (costs 80 cents and you can get it in your local OBI store or similar), an old scarf (of an appropriate size) – i used one I have never wore and turned to be perfect. Here be careful not to choose something which is very sensitive as you will be attaching your jewellery with little needles which will leave wholes. Sccisors. Thread-choose a bit ticker one.

This is how it goes:
DIY jewelry board-5

DIY jewelry board-6

DIY jewelry board-8

DIY jewelry board-10

DIY jewelry board-11

DIY jewelry board-13

DIY jewelry board-14

DIY jewelry board-15

DIY jewelry board-16

DIY jewelry board-24

DIY lewelry board-1

DIY lewelry board-2
Make sure that you are careful with making holes for little holders on sides of the board. If you are to rough styrofoam can get distroyed and piece of it will fall down.

Needles for attaching I have found in one Chinese shop for 1 EUR but I think they can be found in any sewing shop around.

Here is my little jewellery corner now.
DIY jewelry board-6-2
DIY jewelry board-8-2
DIY jewelry board-10-2
DIY jewelry board-11-2
DIY jewelry board-12-2
DIY jewelry board-13-2
DIY jewelry board-14-2
DIY jewelry board-15-2
DIY jewelry board-16-2
DIY jewelry board-17-2

Hope you like it and try it on your own. If you do let me know…kisses! Jenny