Among all the other interests, being reason for me starting this blog, the blogging development path  as marketing and comercial tool made me to spend good amount of my time on this, especially in conection with social media.  The experiment phase one is done, now is time form expertise.

All who follow me as of begining of 2015 know I started this blog without even knowing something about blogging. This should be the place where things which took most of my attention, like healthy food and fashion, find their home. This was time of my prolonged mothers leave, with little one about to start day care I had finally that time to devote to my hobbies and interests. After more than decade of legal and economics studies this was finally that time I was allowed to relax…and do something for my self. This was a plan for the next two years, and than getting back to work.

Soon I started to realise that blogging is just a little part of overall platform where one can share content with others. I noticed that in fashion’beauty world a lot of girls were in it or heading there…not only to satisfy the inner need to share and inspire but also blogging becoming very commercialised area, where it is possible to be paid in goods or money.

As a lawyer, I felt for years I was missing that public relations’marketing element in my vocation…expanding my expertise totally got my attention! To expand my black and white legal world into something much more creative and colorful and on the other hand, to use my legal knowledge to analyse new world emerging . So not even half a year after I started with the blog, I became part of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging world so I could get more into the topic. I have chosen topic I am in general interested in like fashion, beauty, healthy food but with creating the content I tried to stick to the “branch rules”.

My story from there is in fact as any other bloggers story except, I do not except all the sponsorships offered and more sticking to the brands I already use or tried. Up to now I always approached those brands and ask for collaboration,  as a result of my general liking for the brand and story behind it.

I started to write about these kinds of topic also on some more “serious” platforms like LinkedIn, but it seemed to me important to introduce this dimension also to my blog, for all of you interested in some other perspectives of this lately vey popular world.Besides these topics, of course fashion and beauty ones stay, where I will try to introduce more genuine content more and more.

In the end, let me say, through all of this monitoring stage I needed a lot of thinking to do  about what really professional blogging is and to find my place in it. Blogging makes me satisfied on some level and making commercials for some brands I love could be something for me. On the other hand I see need to differ between that old school blogging made out of love and new way of commercials making. Both ok and good but always fair to pinpoint when post is sponsored.

For a while I was even considering not to take any part in the commercial side of blogging profession but I realized I would be never able to learn all about it and to analyse it without being really part of it. And on the other hand, I invested a lot of money, energy and time in it so have nothing against that something comes back. But how? With brands I really admire, quality and unique content and with a big love! But before  everyhing – with transparency! This part excites me from a legal point of view so I can not wait to write about it!


Would love to hear your opinion!

All the best, Jenny