Fashion blogging with babies can be quite hard. There are a lot of mums out there blogging about fashion, some bringing their kids in front of the camera some not. The fact is that, if you do not have some very efficient babysitting regime, on daily basis, you are like me stuck between baby’s needs and schedule you make for your new blog.

Consistency is everything. Especially with blogging. I have in mind things I would like to publish, when I would like to do it  and how-this is when baby Aysha Anabella comes in-she knows when she would like to eat, drink, being changed and sleep. Our plans do not necessarily match. This is definitely where the challenge starts, because no matter how good you plan your activities baby always comes first.

Up to now, in these few first weeks,  we had anything – baby being cranky, cooperative or sleeping during photoshoots. Finding yourself thinking about the light,  camera settings and trying not to get dirty as you in the same time handle all the needs of your little one is imminent. Still, in this short few weeks we managed to make some fashion shots but also to have some pretty cool moments together. Sleeping or not sleeping… I look forward to new to come!

Will try to publish more photos of her little world in ours…

Do you menage to keep your little ones happy and still to reach your goals?