Fashion investment policy I see as every individual decision what is worth investing in and what is that we want to get out of our purchase…is it the quality, trend or brand. Without even getting into the topic which approach is right I will share with you my own rules when it comes to the winter clothes.

Shoes are absolute priority when it comes to quality requirements. Respectless to the taste, winter time requires warm and if you have to walk a lot, comfrotable shoes. It is not the same when your route is just from your car to coffee shop or work or when you do all this by foot. Sometimes we sacrifice  comfort for looks and as somebody in love with fashion I understand that…but still, if you are not warm fashion does not make any sense.

Bottom line, my absolute winter daytime favourite, especially when traveling are Timberlands, assuring you are not cold, being extremely comfortable and can be worn in different combinations. Besides Hunter rain boots, I wrote about here, Timberland shoes are worth while your investment and you will confirm that in many years ahead you. You can buy them in many colours and models, but my favourite is still their classic orange one.

Jackets and coats are one more winter element, to be strictly taken care of – but here the price is not guaranteeing quality and other way around. Considering shoes as dispensable, it is not so probable you will buy them in second hand (although if there is no other way to afford quality this is also very good option) but for jackets this can very easily happen. Good jackets get to second hands in very good condition.

I personally never wear fur and animal leather just when necessary (like with winter shoes) but that is definitely personal choice. When talking about winter jackets I love the most those with wool or feeder as they are the warmest, not taking brand or the source into account. These two jackets are proof.

The cashmere wool coat I have found in second hand for 10 EUR and although it looks very thin it was totally enough (under I had just one short T-shirt) for day out in Vienna. Its classical tailoring makes it perfect for so many combinations and colours. Especially I like this high V buttons as it prolongs the core, what is flattering if you have bigger bust like me.

Second day of our Vienna rumbling (check out my Instagram stories for my traveling updates) I wore jacket bought in Primark this season for cca 50 EUR. I was searching for something similar and even in HM it was double this price. Of course I was sceptical considering the price and the fact we are talking about Primark but I didn’t get disappointed. Colour and tailoring are beautiful, the stitches are made in a very nice way, not typical for cheap shops and it was very very warm. The artificial fur is going under the whole jacket, also sleeves.  It was long enough and thick enough I did not feel any coldness….well, maybe mulled  wine helped a bit heh.

Every thing else, in my opinion, in winter comes second place. Although I love to have nice quality bags there is some sanity in my philosophy. When it comes to seasonal trends, like these rich fall florals, I am happy with my Primark bag I bought end of summer for 8 EUR! It has that sporty shape and in the same time is small enough not to look to big…if you know what I mean 🙂 It managed to “receive” all of our cameras, lenses and other stuff we had with us. If I compare it to similar by Prada I paid for much much more, there is not so much difference. Prada has just that element of more luxurious handle and that is all…Inside it is made out of cheapest material, shoulder belt has the same quality like Primark one as well as the outside silky material. Few years ago I saw it in outlet and had to have it…today I would never buy it. For that money I would rather buy good classical bag, and leave floral adventures for Primark or HM…


And beneath the jacket? Whatever…quality and brand wise. I like more cheaper stuff with good quality. The fact is you will have to wash it a lot so its value decreases daily. Still, sometimes is good to invest in nice piece for special occasions … or something you do not wash every day…but not jeans or t shirts. Unless you have a lot of money.

So this is how I spend my money lately. Maybe somebody can use it. I wish somebody told me this few years ago. Heh, my mum did…but I did not listen….Still, now this kind of thinking helps me to keep my sanity when daily getting bombed with sales emails.

What is yours FIP?