What defines beauty of the woman? Is the eye of beholder or is our self-criticism? Is there a moment in woman’s life when she says to her self “I am perfect, would not change anything!” Were women 50 years ago able to say that more easily??? Is there middle between stagnation and positive self-chriticism?

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Today we admire women back in 50is for their ability to cherish their curves, to embrace natural beauty, being happy with what they are…but was it really like that? After war there was less men then women and there was a big need for new babies to compensate for all the lost lives in previous 4 years. Women were encouraged to get weight and to be more curvy, as this was consider as an advantage when talking about conception. Commercials were saying “get weight and prepare your perfect body for summer!” WTF???? Of course they were happy with their bodies, as this was demanded by society and they did comply with it.

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Also fashion was following. They focused more on the A line dresses, which were stressing the waist while covering hips and half of the legs…giving that irresistible feminine shape and stylish touch to any outfit. Today those dresses seem so amazing to us and we feel like princesses wearing them…more because of the feeling which is connected to them. Of eternal, simple beauty, no matter body flaws…but wait…it was not like that. They did it because society was approving that and media made that feeling, which is still lasting…

The same thing we are doing today.

Time of skinny models – lets go to diet and lose all the weight. Thinner better. Does not matter if it is in the moment a bit unhealthy. We are going to survive! Does not work? Grrrr, I can not wear dress if I do not look perfect…my legs look chubby in the skirts everybody is wearing! I mean…it is in trend, right? I have to wear it too!!!!

Time of Kim Kardashian…lets eat everything, unhealthier better! This is life! I eat what I want, getting weight and everybody thinks I am hot! I have to buy one of those waist shrinkers (like KK) and squize my organs so I have a waist but does not matter….my organs can squeeze, it is important that men think I am hot! And yes, I look the best in the pencil skirt but I wear everything, because I am so hot, it can not go wrong…:)

It is true! Society tells us what we should look and feel like. It is a fact.

But the fact is also that we live in time when individualism and pragmatism are possible. We should all look like we feel the best! And how we feel prettiest! And other way around-we should find way to feel pretty no matter how we look! And if we would look to look other way? Work hard on that and in the meantime find the right dress for you!!! 🙂

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I strongly beleive that every woman has need that others think she is pretty. We are prettier sex, it is in our genes and our blood. And we should not run away from it. But we should also find the way we feel pretty ourselves, even if we do not look like others we know.  It is not easy but is doable. For this self-confidence is the key!

And for this we have to know some tricks – which clothes fits us! What is right model for our current body shape! Because this is what fashion industry was doing through history!

So, to make long story short, as I every winter gain few kilos and lose them before summer got the inspiration to do some different fashion for all the ladies who love to feel different. 50is were years of the body shape I have here (pics were made few weeks ago when I was on the peek of my eating indiscipline and having those few kilos too much) and these dresses are ideal for hiding wide hips and fat around your stomach area. Exposing your cleavage, neck and red lips…All those things men still dream about!

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To be clear, everybody should look how they feel, unless is unhealthy. For that reason I do not support too overweighted bodies – other then that, for every body there is a dress out there. The trick is to know what dress is for you!

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Welcome to the Vintage summer on the blog! Next weeks and months you can expect some vintage inspiration, at first 40is, 50is, 60is…then lets see. Also I will team up with some partners from vintage world to make some great giveaways for all of you unique girls out there…

This time we partnered up with amazing, one and only Tito’s old vila on the lake Bled in Slovenia to make these beautiful vintage photos. Guys, that place is still in the mid of last century. They did refurbish it and adjusted to our time just up to the point where the original traces of old Yugoslavia and Tito were not erased. It is truly magical place. I am in love with it for years, Christian and I got married there – will soon post those photos too – and we never stopped going there, at least for coffee. This time we were in Tito’s apartment – discussing our plans at his table, enjoying his cosy living place, bedroom and huge cute terrace…

Vintage summer 1 - Vila Bled (1 of 1)

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So great that this place is now hotel so everybody can enjoy this vintage atmosphere at its best. If you are visiting Bled and wondering where to stay I highly recommend it. I would like to stress that this is not a sponsored post, Vila Bled so kind to allow us to use their premisses for photographing. We are in love with this place and all the statements are result of our genuine and honest opinion 🙂

For all the additional info follow @glowhunters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….And for some vintage makeup tutorials follow my fresh English youtube channel!

until next time!KISSES!

Dress: Collectif

Paddycoat: Bannedapparel

both available on the site of Kunststaette from Klagenfurt Austria, who will soon join us as a special partner in this project!

Shoes (my vintage, very very old 🙂

Kisses, Jenny