From our last month trip to Prague, when it comes to the best place to eat, enjoy great atmosphere and unique environment Kare restaurant and coffee shop wins the challenge. Placed in Nove Mesto or New town area it is not far from the city center to come by walking. It is furniture shop, coffee shop and restaurant in one.

Digging in internet I have discovered that the furniture shop company was founded 1981 by two students who are still running the company, which is meanwhile very successful being present in over 40 countries, with their fresh and unique  furnishing ideas and designs. Coffee shop is obviously fun way to make more people come to the shop and enjoy their vision.

The interior is very good blended into the shop, with huge bench by the window coated with big cosy pillows.



When it comes to food it can satisfy health enthusiasts as well as those who are just searching for a good hamburger!From goat cheese sandwiches and salads to tasty steaks, burgers and home made like cakes. What buys me with every place is definetely infused water-they have different options – we liked mint water. Although it had a bit of sugar in it, it was not decisive so it was our no.1 refresher!

We were disciplined most of the times so we did not try the sweets although they looked delicious. We did try beef hamburger, made out of 100 % beef meat (I ate it without bread only with potatoes and was full-so portion is huge!), tuna salad with grapefruit, Cesar salad…all were very very good! Prices are acceptable and a bit cheaper than in the restaurants in the city center.

The devil with eating healthy is that often you have to accept some downsides of the place itself in order to get your food or you are not able to join your crowd which is not so on healthy track. This place offers great alternative, offering something for everybody. Definitely one of our new favorite places in Prague <3