Last year, as I had to lose 25 kg, I have started to do these short home workouts (for more info look Spots and body) and with right nutrition I have managed to do so in about 5 months (and I have cheated quite a lot with eating). I still train and try to eat clean most of the time.

I get a lot of questions by friends and aquintances how I did it, how I still do it and how does this fit into busy time schedule. The answer is always the same-short and intensive home workouts, without having to spend hours in the gym and to pay people to show you how to do it and mostly clean eating!

The biggest problem for all of those I have talked to last few months, as I started this blog, is how to start. Of course if they open Zuzka’s blog or some other page doing this stuff they get overwhelmed with heavy trainings she is doing and even if they are very short(cca 25 min) they seem (and they are) very hard to do so most of the people will just close it. It is always the problem how to start.

I remember when Christian and me started to follow Zuzka back in the beginning of 2013. For one training which she did in 25 min we needed about 50. And this with a lot of pauses in between. And a LOT of sweating. When we started again after the birth, it was a bit easier but still very hard. In fact, it is still very hard but it just goes faster.

So, in order to help all of you who would like to start somewhere and do not know where I have decided to make a few posts with my favourite workouts when I was starting respectively what I see as great point to start from. Of course, those free from youtube.

This time 2 short cardio trainings, you can do at home (as all of the workouts I like:)

The first one is just 10 min long and if you can, it would be great to do it in the morning before breakfast. I am big believer in fasted cardio for weight loss. This is how I, combined with other afternoon trainings, shredded my weight in only 5 months.

So this cardio you try to do for one week every day in the morning:

Do not get discouraged if you lose your breath first few times,it happens and it is normal!

After one week you will be stronger and you can try to do this Zuzka Light’s training in the morning or afternoon. As she does not include warm up in her trainings (as it is case with the first one by Be Fit, here is her only 2 min warm up routine, you should do before any of her trainings.

So now you can do the actual training. You do not need jump rope or dumbbells in the beginning – you can just simulate using them and more rely on your own body weight.

After each and every training you should cool down and stretch. Some trainings include this part while others don’t. Zuzka does this separately and here is one of her videos:

After two weeks you should be able to switch to some more of trainings but for time being just keep up with these two until your body gets used to the movement.

Even if you are going to the gym and seeing no results these trainings could help as they are very intense and especially if you do them in the morning.

It is just a question of decision. To start and to stick to it. I am one of the most lazy people on Earth-if I could do it you can do it too.

Let me know if you make it!