Photography is my passion. My everyday  creative world.

Introducing the category Glow photography was my intention from the beginning of this blog, as a way to share with you all what I have learned and I am still learning about photography. I never took some course (did not have time for it but would love to…) so my learning came from self help via youtube or similar. I always focused on those things I needed in the moment. Meanwhile there is a lot of knowledge accrued but a lot more of uncertainty, missing links and things to learn…Would like to share this with all of you sharing same passion and love for photography but do not have time or money to devote to it.

It is a project and it will take time to share all I want too but somewhere we have to begin 🙂

Before getting into the details of single photographing or photo editing techniques I learned I came to an idea I think it is very practical and everybody will love it. Last ten years I have moved a lot and last 4 years I also started to travel a lot – private and business. My stays were never too long to explore places I was traveling to in detail. It was more run through the city and then coming back home. I those short stays I always tried to find nice locations for making memories. Places, with nice backgrounds, where you can take photos from and have perfect memory to take home. I mean, isn’t this what everybody wants? With all these social media tools, doesn’t everybody want to take a perfect insta-like photo today?

Assuming that majority wants part of Glow photography shares will be devoted to this, connecting with our tourism promotions on the blog. To make a long story short, we share places which will make the best backgrounds for your memories.

First post  – beautiful Vienna. There are a lot of places in Vienna where you can have wonderful view to the city from but the castle Schönbrunn is one of THE places to visit from historic point of view plus very photogenic location.

Important to mention is that there is no entrance fee to the Schönbrunn park so you are free to walk in the whole area, sightsee the castle on the outside, beautiful Gloriette building  without having to pay single Euro. Here are some great locations to make photos at.