One year is done-do I like it, what did I learn, would I do it again? How to start? How to keep motivated?

One year ago I have finally found time and space to start my blog, something I wanted for years. Place for my own creativity and ideas, without anybody else censuring it. And blogs are all about that. Ot at least they should be. But it is also not “instagram perfect” picture…its sweet and sour.

Like everything else in life, this journey was full of surprises. Good and bad.

All the ideas I had in me and did not have space for them, being busy with my job and later with the baby, found their space in universe. This is the part, when you create a virtual space to meet with your self. To remind yourself what you like to do, what you did up to now and to dig into past to see how you did something a while ago.

For years I am trying to find an optimal way of eating healthy but still tasty…to find interesting, short and efficient home workouts. Alone, in your own home, in my own time and clothes. To achieve that unique body shape, healthy and fit, without being hugry or overeating…and to feel good! To experiment with fashion. To follow new trends and get inspired for my own thing. To combine old things so they look like new. Finding creativity in photographing, editing, hunting moments of happiness with a  camera senzor…And blog helped to put all this in one place. For me and the others.

Especially, I  have always wanted that blog becomes the shortcut for the others, to something, I did the whole way for. Learning and getting disappointed. To share that great tasty and healthy recipes. Those short workouts which bring results. Fashion inspiration from my closet…which are not fitting just to hangers. An ideal fashion for every body. And among all, to have great discussions, exchanging of experience and positive communication with all of you on the blog!

But the true is –  blog need its time to grow. Not only people who like what you do,  but also that you find way to be happy with what you are doing. To make that idea in your head looks the same on the photo, video or in some text…I am a huge self critic but it does not work without it. I think when you get satisfied with the things you do too fast,  you do stop to progress. Still, depending on your personality type… After this first year, I slowly start to see which kind of photography of my work  I like, which ideas in my head I would actually would like to see on the blog and which are really not worth the effort.

One very important thing I have learned is to follow my own way. In one past year I did only one sponsorship and this was with design hotel from Kranjska Gora and brand Yanumi, because I really believe that there is a great story and quality behind it. In any stage I did not accept cooperations with brands I did not believe in or just to gain some use. This might not be the best decision if you want to work only on the number of your followers. But I feel good with it.

This also goes for the blog content. You have to write about those things which make you happy. Creative. Glowing. Not about things you saw work on other blogs or what others expect you to do. This will not make you passionate with what you do and irrespective do other people actually see this, you will not be satisfied.

And that is what blog is about-to put your inner self out there and to follow your own way. If you can not do it without support of others then you should not do it.

I have learned that there are only few people you can count on.  Some of the friends I knew for years are still almost ignoring the fact that I have a blog, not talking that they would share my content…Sometimes you can also expect comments like…”I wish there would be some good blog out there” and similar… 🙂

On the other hand there are also people who do surprise positively.  Some friends or even acquaintances  I would never expect to support me, showed their good will for so many times. Commenting on the blog, sharing and  promoting…actively and with great support. This is what I will remmember. Maybe you are more lucky and have more friends but this is only my experience.

I am still the lucky one – I have most wonderful partner in crime, husband, photographer and creative supporter Christian <3

One huge major thing, you should take into account if you want to start blogging, is to prepare to work a lot. This is a must. On the outside it seems so less but behind the scenes it involves hours and hours of hard work. But when you love to do something it is not work. It is a performance!

These are my impressions from the last year, hope this helps you to see blogging more realistically.

Still, would never do it otherwise. It became part of my life and fulfils my creative side, especially comparing to my very formal law profession. And it is not baby anymore, now is a toddler. So new things to develop.

However, first birthday is to be celebrated right. So stay tuned, soon new cooperation on the blog and some great giveaways… glowy  kisses to all!