Holidays are over and it is time for cleaning our bodies. I was in Sarajevo for almost two weeks and my eating non-discipline  was on the peak… Although I did not eat a lot as I did in summer/early fall, the fact that I went there already with few kilos too much did not help…gaining one or two additional kilos for holidays was a must. Still, I feel confident that losing those 5.6 kilos will not be too hard but it will be necessary to include a lot of discipline and self control.

If you are following my blog for the last few months you already know that I am quite undeceive about how my body should look like – should I more stress my curves or should I try to more flatten them respectively to lose one part of body fat and be a bit less curvy (I mean I will always be curvy but it is a question how much). Being a bit more curvy is convenient – being able to enjoy carbs, sugar and other sins, and still consider yourself beautiful and be happy with your looks. I totally understand women who do decide to have this approach. After these last few months of testing (how I look and feel in M or L size) I have concluded that this is simply not the way I feel the best.

Putting aside question of taste for your own looks or looks of other people, I have noticed, as I came back partly to eating more processed foods and sugars, that I do not feel so good anymore. A lot less energy and a lot of moodiness. I know it sounds like cliché but all the good feelings processed foods gives you while you eat it, it takes you afterwards. Especially if you overindulge, as I have a habit to do…. 🙂

First time after labor, I had to lose 25 kg so I tried any trick in the book to trick my body into spending calories. Now story is a different one.I am in the stage where I decide how I will live, what will be 90% of my daily nutrition…how I want to look? I love food, mostly wrong one (sugar and bread mostly) , but I also love some healthy stuff, my mum got me used to eat (like beans, spinach and similar).

Over last 10 years I developed many healthy habits, but I am aware that this is too less to have conscious nutritious approach… but on the other hand, many of those perfectly healthy recipes are not very tasty. You have to have consistency and good will to stand in the kitchen and try new things.This is what I do understand now. And I am ready to succeed in.

If you are like me please live your comment and let me know your thoughts. Until then enjoy in one of my first new recipes I have tried from one of those healthy pages. It is very taste intensive, but I really liked it. If you are into lemony taste with strong feel of cumin this will be soup for you. On the other hand, it has numerous benefits – it is a protein low calorie bomb!! Spinach and broccoli combined are win win for making you feel full longer and coriander will clean your body. Though this is not soup which I would eat every day (unlike my Pumpkin soup ), counter valuing benefits taste is totally acceptable and good.

Before everything it is very very fast option. You will make this in no time (and  Glow that you did something good for yourself).

Penny for your thoughts on this! 🙂


200 g spinach

300 g broccoli

1/2 l water

juice of one lemon

150 g white beans

handful coriander

2 tsp cumin

4 cloves garlic


Saute brocoli and spinach in the pan, spicing them with salt, pepper, cumin and garlic. After they get soft place them in blender and add water, white beans, coriander, lemon juice…mix until smooth. Heat up to the boiling point and serve. 4 servings.