In Bosnia and Hercegovina, where I come from, we never celebrated Mother’s day…we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th of March as only day honouring women even if just some of them appear to be also mothers. On the other hand, in Europe and in Austria, where I currently live, this day is a kind of big deal. It is very important day when all the kids are making presents for their mums and nice pictures and messages are spreading over social media to honour women who brought life into this world.

When I moved out of BiH ten years ago I got acquainted with this lovely holiday and started to congratulate it to my mum every year. Although she was kind of lady who was rather acting in your favour than treating you with sweet words, on this day she always answered me quite sweet.

She died two years ago. Last time I congratulated her she wrote me ” Thank you! I am proud to be your mum”. I keep those words deep in my heart and every year I read them again and repeat to myself not to forget. But when I think better, although she knew how much I love her and appreciate her, I also did not say it quite often.  We were simply not this kind of people who are saying things to each other – we were more those who were doing.

She was always there to show me the pinch of Glow in the end of the tunnel in all the blackness which was around us. How years are passing many things get forgotten but this one thing I believe will be in my mind forever – she was somebody who was always on my side. No matter how wrong I was…

Now I am her. I am a mother. I am the keeper of the Glow in the end of tunnel. Hope I can lead my little one always so good that the Glow seems to be close and hers…Hope my jokes will be able to put her out of any bad mood and will make her laugh to tears. That I will be able to show her that there are little things which make life. Teach her to live today, not to wait to big tomorrow which might be just a promise. Show her how to dream big, fight and win in life, even if she spends entirnity in failing. Make failures her friends, who are honest with her. To always prefer bitter true over sweet lie.

Hope I will be half of Glow keeper she was. Hope my daughter will think same of me on Mother’s Days. Hope she will also tell me that. And finally, hope that we will celebrate them together for many, many years to come.

Thank your mother for her lifetime Glow service and lead your kids to the same.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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