Here is one very simple way to save some of those spices from the garden and some summer tastes for long winter months.

I have my own little spice garden on the balcony over the summer. This year I will transfer a part of them to the apartment so I have access to mu favourite spices and herbs whole winter.

I have no flowers in the apartment, except few orchids fighting for survival, so this will be also nice decoration. Rest of mu spices I had to cut and make some of my favourite stuff, like home made pesto Genovese or this spice cubes.



For years I am trying to avoid Vegeta and all industrial spice mixtures and to add fresh herbs into my food regime. This way is so simple and quick – oil you anyway use so you just add some taste with it!

You can use an ice tray or any other shapes you have on hand. I used chocolate pralines shaping!



Put some fresh herbs in them. Add olive oil. Freeze! Simple as that…


I always have them in freezer… when I make potatoes I add with rosemary, when pasta then basil … and so on. Be  free to experiment and let me know how it went.

I love to make this frozen spice inventions – my ginger cubes is another DIY thing I always have in my freezer!





Have a wonderful Tuesday! Here is very dark and rainy – made for creativity!