Probably you have already heard, if you want to lose weight you have to put out all the sugar and dough, including bread. Sounds great but not so achievable in practice, especially if you are doing it for first time and you are used to eat bread with every meal. Two years ago, in few months  I have lost around 30 kg after giving birth, only with this low carb method.

Low carb food will make sure your blood sugar stays stabile during the day, which according to new research, together with number of calories represents number one condition to lose weight. On the other side, high carb food rises your blood sugar and everything you do not use for energy in a short run, is getting insulin transported to your fat cells.

When I got that losing weight is going to be challenging after giving birth, I have decided to use logic of replaceing instead of putting immediately  out. So I replaced normal (high carb gluten and gluten free bread  bread) with low carb one with almond and coconut flour. Almond flour I like to use more for savoury baking while coconut flour and its sweet taste fit more to desserts.

These small low carb breads are an excellent choice for breakfast, especially if you are use to eat bread. It will take just ten minutes to make them while getting ready for school or work but in the same time they will be more satisfying   than regular bread.

I made this recipe in video in Bosnian but it is very simple so you can follow. If you have any additional questions please leave in comments and I will get back to you.


1 TBS almond or peanut butter

1 TBS butter

2 TBS almond flour

half of cup milk of your choice (until you get more liquid mass)

1 egg

The procedure you can see in the video.

Bake on 180 degree C cca 10 min

This is one of my favorite breakfast combinations. If you want to see more let me know and I will make it in a post or video.

Enjoy and let me know how it turned if you try!