Pesto Genovese or pesto basilicum has  one of the most memorable tastes and goes good with most of the salty recipes while giving it special smell and taste. Besides those you can buy and are often containing a lot of chemicals too, you can also make one, with ingredients you like or have on hand.

I make homemade pesto for long time, as of that time I studied in Slovenia, on the border with Italy, when my love for it was born. Although, in original recipe it has exact ingredients I made it million different ways up to now and loved it every single time. And this is something special when talking about homemade recipes – every time you can change a recipe a bit, depending on the season, meal you are eating it with…

So basic recipe includes fresh basil, olive oil, garlic and salt. Addition can be seeds, nuts and parmesan at least. Some love to add (also in original recipe) vinegar so the sauce gets a bit sour.  I do not like that taste so I have never added it.

If you do add parmesan, I have noticed that the sauce can not hold so long, it gets somehow sour quite fast. I love to add just nuts and seeds when my histamine intolerance allows me (more about this in video here).

When talking about price of basil, for me here in Austria always works better to buy the one still growing in a jar and to cut it all out than the one already cut and packed. This time it was not such a great idea as the plant was half done but still I could use healthy leaves and make one jar.


pesto genovese-2

I use only leaves but you can use all the upper part of the plant if you like.

So, my recipe is not precise. I do it all approximately meanwhile. Usually I put first one cup of olive oil and two pieces of garlic.And then salt and basil.

This time I used salad seeds mix.

pesto genovese-16

pesto genovese-23

You mix it all and sauce is done. For mixing of these kind of sauces I use Nutribullet.

pesto genovese-35

Love to eat it with fresh bread but this is a devil. There were the times I ate half of the bread loaf with it not even getting it. 🙂 This is how Italians love to eat it most.

And this is it. My little Sunday helper, who loves sitting on the kitchen top as of her baby times and watch cooking, assisted carefully. Without her assistance this is something I make literally for 5 min. With her and making photos it took a bit longer but…still was an  amazing afternoon.


pesto genovese-36

pesto genovese-31

pesto genovese-48

pesto genovese-45

pesto genovese-37

How do you like your pesto?