Its summer time and by default, we get sweet teeth for all the commercial ice teas and refreshing drinks which are offered. Commercials are smart enough to provoke that desire feeling in us although for sure after such a drink you feel even more thirsty and blown. Let me try to make a commercial for you, for very refreshing but also very very healthy and anti-inflamatory drink.

I kept coffee in my diet, as I have low pressure and I need my dosage of caffein  per day. Still, on hot summer days I love to make green tea instead, also packed with caffein but as well with  many other nutrients with antioxidant and therefore anti-inflamatory properties.

Green tea, lemon, ginger and mint-11



  • Make green tea-I use organic Green tea with Lemon and Ginger taste – and let it cool down
  • in a glass mug add some fresh mint and some lemon slices
  • add fresh cold water and some ice
  • add one Ice ginger cube  or pieces of fresh ginger
  • let it rest for half an hour
  • serve in cocktail glasses

For histamine intolerant*: although green tea contains caffeine and is officially not recommended for histamine intolerant, I was reading on internet (for example here) that it does have some anti-histamine benefits so I have decided to try. I did not get any reaction so I keep using it. Think everybody has to try it on his own and see if it works.

Also I experiment with dark chocolate-as long as it does not have any nuts in it it does not bother me-which kind of reactions do you really get from dark chocolate??? anybody has really harsh reactions or it just adds up-if you have experience pls leave in the comments because I am not quite sure yet. I do not get those really harsh itchiness like with nuts but still…

Adding ginger and mint to the tea, which are anti-histamine probably helps and the taste is divine:)

And that is our Sunday afternoon drink. Sundays after other kids were here are always somehow calm and silent, so we enjoyed our refreshing drink, some dried cherries in dark chocolate  and each others company whole day on the terrace. Afterwards, we made some fish salad for dinner-made pictures but did not have time to upload so will do it as a separate recipe.


*I still did not talk about this on my blog but preparing Youtube video on the topic, but I have recently discovered that I am histamine intolerant so  soon there will be one part of the blog devoted to this topic.

Kisses to all and to all of my new histamine intolerant friends – Welcome to Glowhuntersssss!