That same afternoon when we enjoyed our Green Ice tea on our terrace I baked us fresh hake in the oven and made a salad. I was inspired by Asian cucumber carrot salad which is originaly made with coriander, but as I am not big fan of coriander in salad I made my own version.

Summer hake salad with pumpkin seeds-93


green lettuce salad



lemon juice

pumpkin oil



pumpkin seeds

baked hake or hake fillet

I like how it turned. It was very easy and tasty dinner and it went so good with green ice tea. It is a great option for hot summer nights.

For Aysha I made little pieces of whole grain bread, fish on a plate and she ate pumpkin seeds on a side…pumpkin seeds are btw very good for the kids. Beside other numerous benefits pumpkin seeds are promoting good night sleep (have certain amino acid which promotes producing serotonin -then melatonin). So we love to eat them in the evening.

You like it? Kisses, Jenny