Spring is already here and our ideal bodies stayed in our winter promises ๐Ÿ™‚ It is nice to think about hourglass shape but only with careful choice of clothes pieces we can achieve that our hourglass has some shape and we appear elegant. Even when spring is here a bit too early.

Everybody loves spring. But people with allergic reactions and those who did not succeed to lose weight during the winter. I have that same problem every year. It is never too much, some kilos up and down but those are the worst ones everybody sees… I underestimated caloric intake when it comes to healthy treats. In my last post you can see how it really looks like. How much fat is there and especially how the clothes makes the difference. This time about queen of all skirts for hourglass shaped women and few tricks how to hide that your hourglass stopped…around your waist.

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-45-3

Pencil skirts and dressses are always a safe choice for curvy girls. However, they also have their limitations to take care of, so they frame the body nicely and show that body line has some shape. This will make your body also appear longer resp. leaner.

I was always jealous to girls accruing their fat in the lower body part. Their stomach stays flat, breasts the same and the only part to take care of is under the waist. Probably they would not agree with me, but still…it seems much easier to handle that than getting fat in your stomach and back. Grrr. In my case also hips and breasts. If I am not careful I can very fast look like a smaller tank. ๐Ÿ™‚

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-18-3

So the pencil skirt in this case is not some choice, if not combined with other pieces. This little blue shirt would not be enough in its classic tayloring but this two ties on the stomach area offer a lot of possibilites. If you dont have stomach fat problem you can make it in a bow…if yes then some of my tricks might help.

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-19-2

I tied it in a way its ends are hanging down and covering lower part of my stomach. In the same time I did not tie it too tight so it does not digg itself into my fat layers. The skirt is made out of very soft and stretchable material so it does not show anything too.

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-37-2

This year are cape-coat type pieces still in but hourglass shape does not “stand” all the types. In case of bigger breasts it can be very tricky. In some of the models I look like a rollercoaster.

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-4-2

In my experience the best are models like this one. The coat itself is tailored in a very tight way, and the sleeves-hand holes straight. ย This gives your body definition and it does not add additional volume when moving. This model will put soft focus on your bag, which you can simply hang on your arm.


stripes and stripes-blue and pink-8

More seasson trends? Always in pastel colors and combining stripes on more than one piece. Here descreat small prints, not to take to much attention from straight lines and defined body frame.

stripes and stripes-blue and pink-27

Which are your favourite pieces when you get a bit more chubby? ๐Ÿ™‚