Probably there is no woman who at least once was not disappointed, when long wanted foundation did not look the same at home as it was in the store. Taking into account strong artificial lights in stores, foundation purchase , when it comes to color, structure and similar,  has to be done with certain procedure so this would not happen.

  1. First step is always deciding which kind of foundation you want – high, medium or low coverage and in the same time taking your skin type into acount. Oily face usually needs matte foundations while dry skin looks better with foundations which have hydrating ingredients in it.
  2. After this you have to try it on – for color best area is your neck, below your ear where te color is usually most accurate. Very often it happens that face skin color and neck skin color are diferent so in this case we always adjust face color to the neck and not other way around.
  3. To get better feeling how color will look on natural light-you have to go to natural light 🙂 A little area on the neck will be enough for you to see how this looks like in “nature”.
  4. If you are curious how will foundation wear durring the day and how long will stay on, put some on upper part of your hand (between  thumb and index finger) and wear it for few hours. This skin is quite similar to the face skin so you will be able to see if it starts to get into your pores or wrinkles.

This is a quite safe way to justify money spent and to make sure you will really use it. Foundation is something you should take time to buy, try it on and so on…testers are there to be tested so do it.

If you would like me to make video or post on best affordable foundation live it in the comments!