The other name for fall is layering – being practical to scale the warmthness of your clothes on the other hand looks classy, chic and gives endless possibilities to express your individuality through combining different patterns, textures and colors. Still, having around corner curve or two one should be careful not to add additional volume with layers.


Especially tricky to dress are multiple curves, as I call them, containing out of hips, breast ย and stomach which happens not always to be flat. Food intolerances for example can make your stomach pop even if, in general you do not have to much excess fat there…or you are apple shaped so when ever you get some weight you get it there. Both examples are true in my case.







Talking about trends, this season your trousers should show some ankles. This in general shortens the legs so when wearing such a jeans make sure to expose upper part and not cover it too much. If you are typical apple shaped woman than you do not have prominent back part if you know what I mean:) I did not also but I pumped it with training-having my histamine battles lately and gaining around 5 kg more than my usual weight made my tights look bigger too. Wearing no high heels this can make you look wider then you are.


Good trick for this kind of situation are shirts, layered under cropped top. Here I have turtle neck top which is ending around my waist area and framing that narrowest part, while thin shirt elongates the torso area and making sure it does not look bulky. Ideal are those shirts which are a bit shorter in front – exposing legs but covering back part more.


And all packed in red, favorite color of all of my falls…this fall dark dark red is especially in so this jacket and etno bag (love love love boho-etno details also in fall….here I am typical Balkan ๐Ÿ™‚ I paired with dark red matt lipstick…but on my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it easier to wear in a day time!




And of course a hat…what is fall without a hat? You like it?