When thinking about hourglass shape we all have “ideal” body proportions, Sofia Vergara or Sofia Loren like not even realising this body type is hardest to style, even when your body shape for others seems so ideal. Talking about ideal,   we immediately tend to search our body shape elsewhere and to probably dress in a wrong way. The fact is that hourglass shape can be so versatile two women who, to everybody look very different have the same body type.

Lets first see what does it mean to be hourglass shape. The secret of being hourglass shape is ratio of your  proportions.Your upper part has to be proportional to your lower part while your waist has to make a inward curve between two. So your shoulders have to be same size as  your hips – even if your waist is not perfect and you have some fat around your mid section you can be an hourglass figure. This way woman with 100 kg and the one with 50 kg can have the same body shape. It is all about tricking the eyes with your clothes to see that shape respectively to see how a waist line proportionally divides your upper and lower part.

Still there are so many sub types of hourglass type – you can have larger or smaller bust, larger or thinner arms, longer or shorter legs, your body weight can be lower or higher…in any there are some general rules to be applied for dressing this body type, no matter the size. Even if you are not this body type but your mid section is kind a undifined there are tricks to accentuate your waist line and to achieve that more hourglass body type. In this case belts are your friends but you have to be careful to choose right size and shape of belts (as well as fitting) so they can achieve this goal.


I am large bust kind of hourglass body type. The waist line gets nicely shapped when I have normal weight. Durring  winter my  weight sometimes goes a bit up and then my waist needs extra help to be spotted. In the same time I am quite experienced in making my bust appear more proportionate with rest of my body.

This is something I deal with for years and was thinking to address whole part of this blog and my Youtube channel to this and similar topics. I am one of those girls who do not like to spend an eternity in pencil skirt. I love to wear trends and to transform – using my hair, makeup, fashion. Although hourglass shape and large bust sound like combination from heaven this is not the case when it comes to fashion experiments. Very easily some trend, looking amazing on anyone, can make you look fat and bulky.

So, let this post be the first in a row of similar contents I plan to create on my social platforms. Mainly I plann to focus on my Youtube channel with this topic but occasionally also here on my blog. On Facebook I made  the group called Hourglass class where we will be able to communicate daily and where all of you will be able, besides Youtube and blog, to post your questions and suggestions.

Being somebody who is obsessed with fashion I will try to replicate my favorite looks in a way they can look good also on hourglass shaped body. Would love to get your suggestions there too.

So See You Soon! Kisses,Jenny