Boho or kind a boho style you can call anything which reminds you on hippy movement, which in the form of those cute boho dresses came back in the beginning of new century.

The advantage of this stile is that dresses are usually wider (read one size bigger) so the figure appears smaller. Still, be careful with size plus dresses and make sure they do have belt or other “waist shaper” otherwise you can look chubby even if you are not.

This is especially case for women with big busts (like myself) – we always need our waist definition otherwise we look pregnant in best case and fat in the worse. 🙂

This is my dress from post-pregnancy days when I was some 6-8 kg heavier and it fitted great for a walk in wonderful Kranjska Gora. Kind of Boho and Knee High Gladiators were stylish but still very comfortable combination – that kind of comfortable that running after one year old was fun!

Having possibility to show a bit of your shoulder can not hurt too..and it makes you feel very sexy!!!

Knee high gladiators are anyhow big hit this summer and they can be worn with almost any kind of day combination, especially with skirts and dresses.

With this combination I could not go by some golden rings and my favourite hair flowers, bought in Sarajevo and made by Bosnian refugee women-so if you find your self there be sure to support them with buying one of these very cute and good quality items.



boho and gladiators1