The clear proof that beauty, history, culture and social networks belong together is written on the benches of one of the most unique Ljubljana streets. With very long and rich history, today it is revived and writes new chapters for those who are stuck between love for theatre and new social media world.

Krizevniska street (‘Knights of the Cross Street’) is one of the oldest and cutest streets of Ljubljana.As a  part of the urban intervention and greening project, the street has become a new cultural quarter between the City Museum and the new Breg embankment. The project has been designed by Robert Waltl and Denis Petrovcic with other creative talents, Krizevniska residents.

Besides rich greenery along the streets, white benches with quotes of one of the most important Slovenian architects, (Joze Plecnik) are placed.  The idea behind revival of the street is to join cultural contents with cosy ambient in green, inviting ambient making it ideal for spending some time and hanging around…

Especially in  summer,  the street is very busy with different cultural events, in organisation of Mini Theatre, which found its home there two years ago and other cultural/educational associations.

Unique concept of this street places it on many tourist guide sites, together with many big, natural and cultural staples Slovenia has to offer, like Bled, Piran and similar… This street has also its Facebook page, so if you are traveling to Ljubljana, you can plan ahead to visit one of those events.

However, the true is,  new generations are not so much interested in theatres or cultural events. New streams are going in the direction of expressing our values and affections through photography and sharing it on social media networks. It is a brand new world, but very useful for touristic promotion. Instagram with more than 600 millions users has very specific photography style, very compatible with  fresh architecture outlines and concepts. It almost always involves fashion! This time I have my new IKEA bag, I am obsessing with lately-it all makes sense-beautiful street, cosiness and IKEA!

This street is perfect for social media. In the same time very wide for that nice light, but narrow enough to make enough those dreamy shadows so pictures can make that great Instagram effect.

Last but not least, Ljubljana is very tourist oriented city, so every visitor has one hour of free city wi-fee, which will enable you  to share some photos from your favourite spots immediately. And this spot should be on your list  when visiting Ljubljana. I have countless photos from this spot and still do not have enough 🙂