Lake Bled is one of those places you will probably find on any of the “to see in the lifetime” lists. To live close to it and not to go there at least few times a year is a sin. Stil, here we are after one year and a half. Today photo impression of one perfect afternoon and some thoughts about me being uninterested in how I look but more how I feel.

Bled March 17-146

My mum was always saying that there is reason on of the most known bioenergetics had his offices in Kranjska Gora and afterwards in Bled. I am not into bioenergetics but I am sure they know how to pick places with energy…And my mum knew for sure. And she loved Bled.

Bled March 17-249

I just know that never one month passes that I do not go to Kranjska Gora. Bled is somehow not on my way but this time, as soon as I saw it from the car, I was sorry for not coming so long.

Bled March 17-61

It is hard to describe that peace of soul on this little lake. It looks special with this little island and little chirch on it (we also got married here) but there is something more…If judging only the beauty Austrian Worthersee can be compared to it but still it does not have that special energy. No place has it. I would think this is just an autosuggestion considering my mom loved it but Christian loved it immediately too. And as of then we always try to come back as often as possible.

Bled March 17-120

This time with little three year old bossy. Each with her own fashion expression and daddy with photo camera. About her new sense of fashion I will write next time but this time about some miss and hits of this thirty something year old:)

Bled March 17-94

This winter I ate a lot more than usual…my histamine story did not go along as I expected so things got a bit out of hand. So my usual two months “eat less workout more” approach still did not bring wanted results. So this pants were not perfect choice to hide all that around the waist. But they are soooo comfortableeee….made out of thinest cotton, so summer like. I couldn’t resist. And they to make me look even more wide hehe.

Bled March 17-163

So this coat under knees should make the body a bit leaner. Surprisingly when I wear something which is making me look slimmer I have a feeling it makes me look shorter and in these kind of combinations to prolong my torzo 🙂 Eather ways, I was very happy to have it on as it added a bit classines to this combo.

Bled March 17-227

This trend of snickers or runner kind of shoes with coats or furs (although I never wear fur) as not so mine but this year sparkle trend made it acceptable for me. I got this for very low price it is almost unbelievable. Especially taking into account how comfortable they are.

Bled March 17-229

So the bottom line is, when day is amazing not even a fact that I will have to sweat out rivers to lose all this fat, can not spoil it. And I owe it to Bled. And to little diva.

Bled March 17-265

Bled March 17-184


Bled March 17-111

Bled March 17-243

Bled March 17-210

Bled March 17-251

Bled March 17-247

Bled March 17-285

Bled March 17-174