When it comes to long skirts, dresses and kind a wide jumpsuits one has to be very careful not to look bigger then in reality and not to make optical illusion as a disadvantage.

In general it is known, that long clothes can prolog the body, but it is always safe to wear tight shaped pieces, which will frame the body, giving it in the same time longitude. This works if you have nothing to hide. If your body shape is not ideal and you need something to hide under while still looking chic and elegant there are few things to bear in mind. This time we talk about jumpsuits. (Last time I wrote about short jump suit for flat belly)

  • Make sure you are not wearing  tight jumpsuit-you need something wide enough to “dance” around your body and moves as you move. Choosing wider model or jumpsuit one number bigger should do the trick (still depending on the model).


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  • If possible wear thin straps – small hands and shoulders will help to give illusion of smaller body (if you have “love handles” or your shoulders are also big make sure to choose wide short sleeves jumpsuit)


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  – Ideal are jumpsuits with wide trousers endings – you should avoid everything with carrot shape, as this could. together with width of the middle part make you look wider and shorter


Imagine that this trousers shape would be on this jumpsuit-my hips automatically look three times bigger

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  • Wear wider belt, if possible one which has laces – as they are falling down this also gives prolonging illusion and place it on the narrowest part of your waist-this will make your waist look smaller and legs longer.


This piece I have bought last year on sale in Zara is so untypical for me and its one of the kind in my closet. I liked the colour and also this unusual tayloring – having practicality of trousers and elegance of a dress…it is suitable for day or night out. Here I paired it with a flower in hair and simple daytime half-gladiators but would see it also as night outfit with heels, blazer with half sleeves and a clutch. Very beautiful piece which makes you feel comfortable and elegant in the same time. In summer this is wanted.

Do you like long jumpsuits? I have some thoughts on some other models…what is your favourite model?




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p.s. photo session made on the beautiful Wörther See in little village called Pörtschach…must see when visiting Kärnten!